Despite her husband passing away on COVID-19, Irene Castilho didn’t even have another day to mourn his passing. She was ill as well, coughing and straining to take a breath; he had just passed away when she began putting his oxygen mask on him. Approximately one week later, on March 22, she was taken to a hospital near Sao Paulo.

The 71-year-old had adhered to her doctor’s orders to the letter, taking her hydroxychloroquine dosages on a regular basis as prescribed.

Doctors Make A Claim Brazil’s Hospitals Dispensed Questionable Medicine

She also received a so-called “COVID kit” from her health-care provider, Prevent Senior, which included ivermectin as well as a slew of anti-inflammatories as well as vitamins that she was supposed to take. Despite this, her health had worsened further.

Doctors Make A Claim Brazil's Hospitals Dispensed Questionable Medicine

Castilho was taken to the hospital, where he underwent dialysis and also was intubated. When doctors approached Castilho’s daughters about administering her flutamide, a medication usually used to treat prostate cancer, they refused, citing concerns about potential adverse effects for their mother. She had just been diagnosed with liver cancer.

They subsequently saw a nurse delivering flutamide, and she informed them that the medication had been given over their protests. Castilho passed in late April, 33 days following her husband, as well as her daughters interred her ashes at his gravesite beside her husband’s. “Do you remember that infatuated couple?” In a video conversation with the Associated Press from the northeastern port city of Joao Pessoa, Kátia Castilho confirmed that the perpetrators were her parents. “It is something that prevents me from being quiet. That is what gives me the confidence to face my fears. It’s a fact that I wish was a lie, but it’s not. There will be no scarring from this incision.”

Since mid-September, prevent Senior, which runs ten hospitals in Sao Paulo, has been the subject of explosive allegations. Castilho’s case is only one of a string of instances that have resulted in explosive allegations against the company since then. Members of the Senate heard testimony last week from whistleblowing doctors who claimed that Prevent Enlisted personnel participants to test untested drugs without their consent and pressured doctors to toe the party line on writing prescriptions unproven drugs that President JairBolsonaro promoted as part of a “COVID kit.”

It seems that Prevent Senior altered death certificates in order to remove COVID-19 as a cause of death, according to several lawmakers. Authorities are also looking into allegations that the firm performed research without obtaining the necessary permissions.

The case demonstrates the enduring divide in polarised Brazil over the correct therapy of COVID-19 patients, with others in the country, including the country’s unvaccinated president, defying International Scientific Guidelines in this regard. There is also worry that other service providers may have followed suit and adopted questionable rules.

Pedro Batista Jnr, the executive director of Prevent Senior, testified before senators two weeks ago, stating that physicians were allowed to write their own COVID-19 treatment prescriptions and that patients had voluntarily consented to take their COVID kits.