Since the more harmful Delta variant infection is riskier, children are more seen with getting infected as compared to the last two variants of strain. 

Parents are worried and very much concerned about the spread of COVID-19 in children. However, one question which is frequently asked by them is whether children can get long-term COVID or not and would the symptoms can be seen for months after the beginning of this illness. 

Do Kids Get Long COVID?

There is no doubt that COVID has created a big threat to many and also has the highest fatality rates among all the pandemics mankind has suffered to date, it is good to know what long COVID is and how it can impact one’s body and life. The long word here refers to the symptoms in the body that lasts for a considerably long period in one who has got this infection before some time. The constant symptoms may trouble one’s health in a different way and hence it is considered as a troublesome medical condition where the patient needs to be under observation.  

Do Kids Get Long COVID

I am an infectious disease expert and a pediatrician who takes care of children who are suffering from COVID-19 and have also been in the research area for a long time. Children can get along with long-term COVID-19 but this can be seen less in aged and adult people. Even if adults get this, they tend to get recover very quickly. Below are some questions frequently asked by viewers: 

There’s still no standard meaning of long COVID, and the actual condition is very factor. 

Even though there’s nobody type of it, three wide kinds of indications oftentimes happen: 

  • intellectual impacts, like eased back reasoning or “mind haze” 
  • actual side effects, including weakness, windedness, and torment 
  • psychological wellness manifestations, like changed state of mind and tension. 
  • Having side effects that persevere for more than 28–30 days following the beginning of COVID is progressively being named as long COVID in the clinical writing. 

The total impact of long COVID manifestations can significantly affect victims’ capacity to work in their day-to-day routine, work, or tutoring.

Long COVID mostly does not occur in children but also it is less common in adults. This is the reason parents are getting worried as this can be risky for the overall health of children and might increase other risk factors. As COVID is leaving people with lung infection even if a person is tested negative so this is also concerning as kids are not as strong as adults and might be careless with medication and eating healthy foods

Two Australian investigations are helpful here. In one investigation of grown-ups and kids, analysts found 20% of more than 2,000 COVID cases in New South Wales had industrious indications at 30 days. By 90 days, this had diminished to 5%. The most youthful age bunch (0–29 years) were bound to recuperate faster than more seasoned age gatherings. 

In an investigation from Victoria that took a gander at kids, in particular, 8% of 151 kids with for the most part gentle diseases had some tenacious indications for as long as about two months. In any case, all had completely recuperated by 3–6 months. 

Doctors have examined various factors to save children from COVID or make their immune system strong enough to fight such as eating healthy, adding fruits and vegetables to their diet, drinking warm water at least once a day, playing sports, and they can also make a habit to do yoga with their parents. These things can be helpful for both kids as well as parents to make a healthy lifestyle and be safe.