Known as a true music lover, he dreams of the right talent being promoted across the world in their original voices.

Divyanshu Dixit is known as a young and dynamic entrepreneur of B-town and the music industry. His dream project is to ensure that his company Loop Beats Records reaches the top of the game, while ensuring that the right talent in the Indian music industry are promoted, be it the new singers or singers who have just one album to their credit. The Indian music industry has numerous and gifted singers. However, with new technology coming in, it has reduced the work of the music directors as voices get adjusted with new edits. Due to this technology and the much younger singers who like working with new edited songs, the older and gifted generation of singers have fewer or no opportunities within the industry.

Working on an absolute different terrain is not good for any career, and Divyanshu having completed his Bachelor of Technology and also worked in different fields, knew that this was not going to be an easy task. Yet, being a big fan and for his love of Indian music industry, he listened to his heart and started his company Loop Beats Records. Divyanshu’ s Loop Beats Records aims to promote the right talent where all the genuine singers who are not getting opportunities, as well as the new singers have immense opportunities to sing in their original voices, with few or no edits. In his free time, Divyanshu loves exploring new places, travelling, photography and most of all loves to develop public relations. He truly believes that developing relations from across the world helps you expand your network as well as one can continuously learn new things in life.

Divyanshu helps young singers to collaborate with the top artists across the world, so that they can perform for audiences within the country and at global locations, just like western singers perform for live audiences across the world. This is definitely a huge task, but he does not aim to give up and is very confident that he can encourage and create opportunities for the bright and talented singers of India with his company, Loop Beats Records.
It would definitely be interesting and worthwhile to see the path that Divyanshu Dixit takes to be successful in this industry through his company.