Kashif’s Digital Marketing agency ‘Cuddle Marketing LLC’ has catapulted many businesses to unbelievable growth.

With the onset of the internet era, many brick and mortar businesses have migrated their operations online giving a rise in demand of professionals who are well versed with the workings of the online medium. Digital Marketing experts are much in demand owing to their expertise which can make a online business establish its presence in the right way. Kashif Tahir aka Kay Tee is one such Digital Marketer from Lahore, Pakistan, who has gained much prominence in the industry as his work has been extremely appreciated by those who have worked with him. Kashif is well aware of the nitty-gritties of the online business to its core and has emerged as the most sought after experts who is much in demand due to his impeccable services.

Kashif says that there is a wrong misconception amongst online business owners that just by migrating their business online their cash registers would start ringing, but that’s not the case as a robust Digital Marketing strategy is required to make the online business a success and without it there won’t be any movement nor growth of the business. Digital Marketing has become an essential part which can help an online business gain momentum and impact their presence resulting in revenue generation.

Kashif has established himself as one of the best in business with his agency ‘Cuddle Marketing’ emerging as the most preferred Digital Marketing partners for clients across the globe. Kashif has indeed come a long way from the time when he used to do freelance projects during his college days till date when he owns a prestigious Digital Marketing company whose reach spans across continents. He says that networking plays an important part in getting your brand to the right customer base, you need to team up with the right kind of like minded people to get the right word spread which helps a lot for your business growth. Today, Kashif is invited to major marketing events as a guest speaker which in itself is a big achievement of sorts. His dedication and hard work has got him to these levels of success which only a few can dream of.

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