In an ever-evolving digital landscape, the need for design professionals who produce quality work has remained constant. With a team of handpicked designers, DesignBro is poised to serve companies which have had to adapt to these changes by increasing their brand presence online. 

During the pandemic, we have seen many people take to the internet to find new ways to occupy their time. Some have decided to learn a new skill, and others have started new businesses. Since people are spending more time online, it makes sense for brands to invest in their online image.

Since 2016, DesignBro – an online graphic design marketplace – has proven its ability to adapt to changing digital trends. Beyond that, the company has demonstrated consistency in meeting clients’ needs and the demands of the digital marketplace. The platform uses advanced technology to ensure that clients find what they are looking for. In addition to matching clients with top designers who they can collaborate with, DesignBro also stores all client files safely

Right from the start, cofounders Christiaan Huynen and Pieter-Jan Hoogendijk believed that high-quality graphic design should be accessible to every business worldwide. They also think that designers worldwide should be entitled to fair work with fair pay. By making quality the central pillar of their vision, they aim to build a better future for both designers and clients.

In all the time they have been in the industry, DesignBro has been committed to expanding their design services. They have also ensured that every service provided is backed by top, leading designers in the market. They have developed an impressive portfolio with projects ranging from entrepreneurs launching their first company to famous brands trying to compete globally. 

For anyone interested in using their platform, their completely user-friendly platform provides easy access to all their services. The 4-step process starts with filling out DesignBro’s creative brief. This document contains questions about the client’s brand identity as well as their business and target audience. From there, top-designers are selected to create unique, custom-made designs for the client. Once companies have received their initial logo designs, they rate them and connect with the finalists. By giving feedback, the clients can work with the designers to present the business in the best possible way. Once the finalists have perfected their designs, clients pick the winning design. Finally, a folder containing copyrighted and production-ready files is submitted to client. 

DesignBro has managed to remain one of the leading producers of quality, affordable graphic design services in the last year. This is because of their ability to stay quality-focused by choosing only the best designers. Their continued commitment to meeting customers’ needs has also set them apart from the competition.

Designers who are interested in joining the platform must go through rigorous vetting practices to become affiliated with the DesignBro team. With an acceptance rate of only 5%, only the best designers are selected. DesignBro’s roster of satisfied clients and positive reviews have proven their relevance and ability competitive industry.

DesignBro has built a comprehensive solution for both companies and designers by promoting positive, productive teamwork even during this lockdown period. By continuously looking for new solutions and talent, they are providing brands with agency-quality designs while also empowering designers.

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