When you hear the words ‘Till We All Rich’, hard work and determination are the first words that come to mind – words that the likes of Floyd Mayweather have used to fight his way to the top of his respective field. It’s also the perfect name for Desean Millionz’ soon-to-be-well-known company, which looks to take its the lion share of Houston’s—no, the world’s music scene with its bevy of amazing artists and producers.

In addition to Desean Millionz, Till We All Rich is currently made up of Jdagr8, Bino Diego, ZaeLaurent, Kaleb Brown, Ace, Drakko, Jayhitem, Trapmuzik – a collective of top tier producers that look to both make names for themselves and put Till We All Rich on the proverbial map. The team’s assumed marquee artist is Jdagr8, who’s taking over H-Town’s radio and parties with his hard-hitting cut “Came From Mexico”:

Stay tuned as Desean Millionz and his crew continue to create blends for the city and beyond.

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