Consistently making enough money to live successfully is one of the hardest parts of American life. While it comes naturally to some people, others need a push in the right direction, especially if they want to create passive income and live their dreams. Derrick Kinney believes that “good people grow good money,” and he’s made it his life’s mission to help others make good money and use it wisely.

Derrick Kinney built a successful financial planning and investment business where he worked for 25 years. However, he recently realized that this wasn’t his true passion anymore and that it was time to move on. “I wanted to teach people how to increase their net worth and use it to support good causes,” Kinney said. So he sold his business and started the Good Money Good Hands Good Work podcast. He helps people identify their Giving Purpose and how they can leverage it to make more money and give more to the causes they care about. “It’s tempting to keep your wealth for yourself once you’ve made it. But money can really help improve the world around us, and I teach my audience that they can make a difference once they start making more cash.” His philosophy is “Good money in the hands of good people gets good work done.” Derrick believes that most people need to change their mindset about money. “They’re raised to believe that money is bad and toxic, so they push it away at every turn. They judge the type of people who make big money. I want to change this as much as I can.”

Each episode of the podcast features an interview with a financial expert or well-known personality. “I’m working to attract high-quality interview guests who have good financial and business advice and are interested in changing the world. That’s who my audience needs to hear from.” So far, he’s featured high profile guests, including Matthew McConaughey and Sean Astin, as well as financial experts like Michael Hyatt and Dr. Nido Qubien. Kinney was originally attracted to the medium for its accessibility. “Not everyone working a job they don’t like has the time to sit down and read a book or do a ton of research. However, they can put the podcast on during their lunch break or morning commute to figure out how to increase their wealth.”

Sometimes you have to let go of one dream to find another. That’s what Derrick Kinney did, and he has no regrets.