Digital marketing is an approach that encompasses all marketing strategies for a product done via the internet and other online-based technologies. Some of the tools used in digital marketing are; search engine optimization, direct email marketing, and search engine marketing. Media is important because people can access a wide range of data. Marketing on media, therefore, enhances the visibility of a business to its customers. Denis Pakhaliuk is the CEO of Ramotion, a company specializing in improving digital experiences by focusing on the user interface and how it contributes to online visibility and customer loyalty.

Denis Pakhaliuk joins us today to share marketing methods and how his company can help you do wonders for your business.

1) How can you categorize Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all your marketing efforts. I would categorize it broadly into two segments. The first is inbound marketing, which encompasses techniques that use social media and digital content in webinars, e-newsletters, and e-books to increase the number of clicks on links and understand a company and its services. The second is outbound marketing, which involves placing emails, cold calls, or ads to reach potential clientele digitally.

2) Explain what Search Engine Optimization is

Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as SEO, is the process of optimizing your website by increasing its structure, organization, and content to make it rank higher in search engine result pages. Ideally, it is doing promotional activities to boost the amount of free traffic that your website receives.

3) What approach does your company take towards making digital marketing success for companies?

Most companies focus on search engines when it comes to digital marketing, and they are not wrong for this as this is the starting point for most people when they are looking for products and services online. Here in Ramotion, we recognize that user experience is just as necessary as a business ranking for search engines. Customers know how valuable they are to a business, and therefore, companies need to not only focus on acquiring new ones but also maintaining old ones. My company helps you shift your focus by designing your digital content so that your customers can easily access information about your business online independently. They can navigate most of the issues about your company’s services by themselves, therefore reducing the amount of time your company spends in responding to customers online.

4) And finally, Denis Pakhaliuk, what is your company’s selling point that should convince businesses to opt for Ramotion and not any other company in your line of work?

In a fast progressing world towards entirely relying on technology, especially in conducting business, it is not enough for organizations to simply be business complexes. They need to be technologically feasible. Ramotion has a creative and innovative team of experts to help your company in this transition to bring your digital products to life. From branding to website design and user interface experience, Ramotion will be able to build you a digital product agency from start to finish.

I’m glad to say that our marketing strategies have already shown tremendous success in several organizations within just a few months of implementation. Knowing that my company is already revolutionizing the industry motivates me to work even more challenging.