Have you ever been really down and out and felt completely embarrassed about your financial situation? Embarrassed like you hoped you wouldn’t run into anyone you knew, anywhere, ever, in case they asked you how your business and life was going? Now imagine meeting the girl of your dreams at one of your lowest moments like this. Not only is she the girl of your dreams in terms of personality, humor, looks, and mutual attraction, she is also a super smart international law student from Turkey just finishing her Master’s Degree and studying for the bar exam. And guess what, her family is wealthy and traditional and they definitely want and expect their daughter to make a fortuitous match when it comes to her life partner.

When Dan Henry first met his wife Hilal, he was at a real ebb in the flow of his entrepreneurial career. He’d already gone from being a beyond broke pizza delivery boy to scaling the heights of Google’s SEO system with his first affiliate business selling electronic cigarettes. When that came tumbling down after the SEO algorithms changed, he bought a derelict nightclub, which he renovated, promoted with FB ads, and flipped a year later for a decent profit. Luckily somewhere in there, he bought a house for cash so at least he had a place to live the next time his fortunes took a turn for the worse, but when he met the woman who would become his wife, he was struggling to keep the electricity on in the paid-off house. He was so down and out that Hilal went to work at a Turkish restaurant to pay the bills while he sat at home, banging away on his computer, trying to figure out how to get back on top of this crazy internet marketing game.

He knew things had to change. He already knew how to run successful Facebook Ads for his nightclub and his other businesses, so his wife asked why didn’t he offer his Facebook Ads skills as a service to other businesses who don’t know how to do it themselves? Light bulb moment. First, he offered direct Facebook Ads management for some local businesses. Then he expanded. Then he added trainings to his services for people who wanted to learn how to master Facebook Ads themselves. Finally, he created a digital course to teach his students everything he learned over the years about running, tracking, tweaking, and converting Facebook Ads into sales. Success! Dan credits both his wife, and his customers for providing the perfect recipe for a thriving business.

Now Dan is on the top of his game once again, teaching others how to sell their products and services through the Facebook Ads course that earned him an astounding $1.52 million in its first 5 months. Yep, it sounds incredible but you read that right.

Here are a few of Dan’s top tips for what to do BEFORE you create your amazing FaceBook Ads:

1.Know your customer- don’t just think you know them inside your head, but actually talk to them and really listen. What do they want? What are they worried about? What keeps them up at night?

2.Create a free lead magnet that can get a quick first yes from your customer so they will get used to saying yes to you.

3.Make a landing page that gets out of the way – keep it simple, fast and easy to get past. The more barriers between your prospect and the thing they want to get, the more likely you will lose them along the way. So don’t let the landing page be something that stops them in their tracks. Just a quick email capture and move on to the Thank You page.

4.Put social sharing buttons on the Thank You page for your lead magnet so the people who already raised their hand to hear from you can share your lead magnet with their friends – people you haven’t even paid to reach;

5.Open rates for most email lists are 20% or less, but the open rates for Thank You emails immediately after someone signs up for a lead magnet are 95%. After all, they just asked to get something from you and now they want that thing. Take advantage of that open rate to tell them a little more about you, but also ask them more about them. Ask them to write back to you, even just a quick sentence will do. That will not only make them feel closer to you, it will also mark your email safe in Gmail, Yahoo, and other email clients.

After you’ve taken all those steps, now you are ready to start making serious money through your Facebook ads. Want Dan’s free tips for creating incredible FB ads? Click here to go to Dan’s website and get his own Lead Magnet, 7 Proven Steps to Creating, Running, and Profiting from Facebook Ads.