Da –Chad is the founder and the leader of this chad change movement.He is a single father;and also a well-known social media influencer and motivator.

Aim of this Chad Change movement: _

The objectives of this chad change movement are the following:-

  • According to Chad Ehlers, the purpose of this movement to promote kindness and love with other people who really need it
  • Chad change movement aims to promote the positivity
  • To motivate and inspires the people who really need inspiration in their life and brings them back to their happy life.
  • To overcome and reduces the hurdles and challenges that people face in their lives through his leadership skills and abilities.
  • To make the people more supportive, strengthen, and empower in their lives.
  • Change the life of people from pain to happiness.

Da –chad established a community for those people who are stressed and need some sort of inspiration and motivation in their lives. He uses the social media platform for this purpose. This movement aims to bring the people back on their feet and overcome the problems and hurdles that they face in their lives. He has strong and good leadership skills and qualities that helped him a lot in this purpose.

He motivates and inspires the people through music and dance and also promotes positivity in them. If we talk about the tik tok he also had an account on the tik tok which has more than a millionfollowers.He is engaged with the people and his followers and post videos on his account regularly that entertain the people.All the content he posts in his videos is all about positivity and motivation by using his talent od music and dancing. People enjoy his videos a lot that makes them happy and strong approximately 11 million as he got on his every video.

Ba-chad believes that every situation can teach us some valuable lessons that can help us in future. The important thing here is to make sure you learn from every experience of your life. He himself faced a lot of challenges and hurdlesin his life and overcome that changes his life.He learns a lot from his life experiences that helped him a lot in this movement. At a young age, he spends a life of povertythat makes himmore sensible and stronger. At his young age, even the experiences of homelessness taught him how to survive in these hurdles and how to overcome these challenges and problems in life. When he was in nursing school, he met his love but unfortunately their love story was short-lived. Due to all these problems and hurdles, he can feel the problems and pain of all people who are also suffering from these situations and need some sort of inspiration, motivation, and support in their life that brings back them into their happy life.