Debt is a word that can send a shiver up the spine of anyone. Bad credit threatens to leave an indelible mark on your credit score, and it can feel like a hopeless situation to escape from. Alex Miller is the founder of the Alex Miller Credit Repair firm and was once a victim of debt himself. Now his firm helps others emerge from the sinking quicksand that is bad credit.

Miller’s journey to becoming an ally in the fight against debt began when he worked within the corporate sales sector of American Express. It was within this position that Miller came to understand the formative effect that debt can have on a person’s credit score and mental health. From there Miller decided to open a firm that could pragmatically improve a client’s family, business, or even just their personal credit score. To help them recover from bad credit, Miller’s firm will first identify the client’s most essential bills and flag these as priority payments. Miller has developed credit cleaning strategies that help to quickly lighten the load of anyone’s debt. Miller states, “Cash will always be one of the most important tools in our society, but good credit is the most powerful aid in helping you live a happy and empowered life.”

Miller was working within a secure job, comfortably making steady income when he decided to set up his credit repair firm. It was a decision that he did not realize at the time would be transformative for both himself and the credit scores of his future clients. The Alex Miller Credit Repair firm was created out of a small apartment in Houston, Texas. Today, Miller is often referred to by the moniker of “the credit repair guru.” Miller enthuses, “I’m here to share the message that your credit score has a fluidity that can prove positive, as well as negative.”

Debt is the great equalizer. The looming power of bad credit can trap both the average earner and the lucrative spender. But if you know where to look, there are those out there who are dedicated to helping you emerge from the quagmire of bad credit.