After struggling to retain personnel during the Covid-19 epidemic, Dr. Randy Tobler, president, and Chief executive officer of Scotland Community Hospital in Memphis, Missouri, has lost ten of his 57 nurses at the main hospital and residing in rural health clinics.

Consequently, Tobler can’t afford to offend any more healthcare professionals, but he thinks that a Covid-19 vaccination requirement will do just that. He claims that requiring his non-vaccinated employees to receive the shot will not result in their getting the vaccine. It will force them to give up.

According To The CEO Of This Small Missouri Hospital, A Requirement For The Covid Vaccination Will Not Compel Employees To Receive The Injection

“Our reality is that we need employees to do their duties. But we’re not going to be asking you to comply with a vaccination requirement in exchange for your efforts, “He spoke to CNN about it.

“There were individuals at the hospital who were open about the fact that if the vaccination requirement were implemented on our behalf or on behalf of anybody else, they would no longer work here. That’s simply something they were just not going to put into their body in that manner.”

The healthcare workers who are refusing to get the Covid-19 vaccination are as follows: It’s a very personal issue for them. It’s a professional approach for their hospitals. For this reason, Tobler opposes the vaccination requirement proposed by President Joe Biden last month, which would apply to millions of healthcare employees throughout the country.

Even though they are probably the most important group of employees to have vaccinated, the vaccinations would protect them and their patients and keep the person well to continue working. That’s why individuals were first to be given the Covid-19 immunization when it was initially introduced.

Evidence suggests that health care professionals are highly compliant with vaccination recommendations. In surveys conducted by several professional health care organizations, the vast majority of respondents said that they had previously had their vaccinations. However, despite overwhelming proof that vaccinations are safe and beneficial, some health care professionals remain skeptical.

When it comes to Scotland County Hospital, located in rural northeastern Missouri, the contrast is dramatic: According to the hospital, just 60 percent of the personnel have received vaccinations. Sheila Balch, who works at the hospital’s main desk and is frequently the first person patients see when they come, is one of those who aren’t.

For the time being, she has chosen not to get a Covid-19 vaccination, but she has said that this is not because she does not believe the virus to be a danger.” Covid, in my opinion, is a horrible company. I think it is potentially hazardous,” she said. “Every day, I am on the lookout for individuals.

Each and every day, I see the terror in people’s eyes. However, I do not think the govt has the authority to step in and dictate what we must do.”

When asked what she’d do if Scotland County Hospital insisted on her being vaccinated, Balch said she would seek another employment in the area.

She also said that she does not want to since she cares about her patients and the individuals with whom she works. While she expressed her reluctance to directly oppose anything she believes would be harmful to her soul, she did not rule out going against it in the future.