More than a dozen states are seeing an increase in cases, prompting experts to worry about a fifth wave that would coincide with the winter flu season. For more than three weeks, the number of new daily cases in the United States has been stable, ranging between 70,000 and 75,000 per day; nevertheless, there has been an increase in infections in the last week. 

Experts Warns For A Harsh Winter, Avail Booster Shots

In Illinois, Tennessee, Minnesota, Colorado, and more than a dozen more states, cases are on the rise. With more than 67 instances per 100,000 individuals, North Dakota tops the country. Despite the fact that deaths have been dropping and have averaged 1,200 per day for the previous week, the death toll in the United States has now reached almost 760,000 since the outbreak began.

COVID Update: Experts Warns For A Harsh Winter, Avail Booster Shots

That should be considered excellent news. However, with less drastic declines in other, less populated states — and minor rises in others, notably in the Northeast and Mountain areas — the total US population remains stable. It’s perplexing, and the figures might be sending contradictory messages to the public. They are not, however, sending a message to epidemiologists who expect a bad winter in the United States and other countries. 

The Chief  Medical Adviser, Dr. Fauci has also warned that this winter can be worse and will leave very harsh marks. All eligible adults must get their booster shots to survive the holiday season. 

Last Monday, 28 million kids between the age of five to eleven in the US became eligible for the Pfizer vaccination, which is proved in clinical studies to be almost 91 percent effective in this age range. More than 1.3 million youngsters in this age group had received the vaccine by the end of November 10, according to the White House, with another two – thirds waiting for sessions.

According to Johns Hopkins University statistics, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis considered the whole state to be at high risk of Covid-19 transmission or exposure and signed an executive order stating that everyone above the age of 18 was eligible for a booster dose of vaccination. 

Booster shots of Pfizer’s vaccine have been permitted by the US Food and Drug Administration and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for most US adults, and the FDA is contemplating expanding permission to all adults.

As people retreat indoors during the winter months and prepare to assemble for the holidays, state and municipal health officials are once again sounding the alarm about the renewed threat of COVID-19 spreading in communities around the country. 

After a big summer increase across the South and a fresh push for immunizations, the United States has experienced sustained drops in coronavirus infections and hospitalizations, bringing hope that the pandemic was finally waning in the United States.

The United States, on the other hand, looks to be at a turning point, with cold weather settling in throughout much of the North, COVID-19 regulations being lifted, and gatherings becoming more common.