Taking into consideration the current Covid scenes and the number of cases in the city, the government plans to relax Covid restrictions. The regulatory bodies advise families and citizens to stay attentive and guard themselves. 

The Federal Government Lifts The Ban

The announcement of a ban on visiting nursing homes and the rule to follow social distancing norms was made last year in the month of March. The motive of the ban was to bring the situation under control and limit the spread of Covid-19. 

Covid 19 Situation Gets Ease: The Federal Government Lifts The Ban

Now, the new guidance has been issued to nursing homes on Friday by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. As per the latest reports and guidance from the center, citizens can visit nursing homes at any time. There will be no longer limitations or restrictions on the number of visitors as well as time. However, the facilities are still given clear instructions to follow the social distancing and sanitization process. 

The declaration gave a green signal to nursing homes to resume their social activities whilst following all the social distancing measures. The staff and residents of nursing homes were given clear orders to wear masks and maintain hygiene and sanity of the premises.

Positively, the vaccination rate is showing an upward graph in the majority of states and regions. As per the latest data the vaccination average is 86% for residents and 74% for nursing home staff. Moreover, the need to introduce a booster shot is still under discussion. Several nursing homes are taking vital steps for announcing booster shots. 

Apart from this, the country is still battling to limit the number of Covid cases due to the highly contagious Delta variant. The latest figures on Covid 19 data show that the number of cases since summer has declined immensely. The states and communities are encouraging vaccination drives and urging their citizens to get themselves vaccinated at the earliest. 

The director of many nursing homes while addressing the upliftment of the ban stated that “Uplifting ban is advantageous for nursing homes. It gets us back on the track leading to an increase in the number of visitations.” In addition to this, the director also emphasizes the fact that Covid is still not over. There is a need to be agile and attentive at all times. 

Federal guidance is also announced stating that the citizen shows Covid symptoms but avoids visiting nursing homes.  The state also urges its citizens to take precautionary measures and wear protective gear to evade Covid transmission.

The decision to relax the restriction and lift the ban on nursing homes received immense recognition from the authorities. The authorities were content with the decision and are looking forward to more visits and pre-pandemic situations.

However, the federal guidance states that the large group of visitors, friends, or relatives of patients must try not to visit the hospital. People in hospital from prolonged time accounts for around 1% of the total US population. These patients were unable to meet their families and loved ones due to Covid restrictions and bans. But now they will be able to meet their family, friends and embrace speedy recovery.