A lot of people and experts believe that the COVID-19 infection mimics lung cancer symptoms in a lot of different ways. While it is also making the early detection of cancer a challenge for health practitioners.

However also in that case here is an example of an old woman named Sof 65-years old who is a Bagalkot resident.

Why COVID Pandemic Has Made Early Detection Of Lung Cancer A Challenge?

So two months ago Sabeena started to develop a severe cough and cold along with fever. After she did her RT-CPR test it was revealed that she has a COVID – 19 infection. After a few weeks passed by from when she started her recovery process, she had tested negative for the COVID virus test.

Why COVID Pandemic Has Made Early Detection Of Lung Cancer A Challenge?

But she was still suffering from having a cough, so she consulted the Doctor again and she was suggested to carry out a CT scan so that the cause of the persistent cough can be discovered and that it turned out that she has a malignant tumour in her lungs.

Firstly, the tumour was dismissed as the aftereffect of the Covid -19 and it was also treated as antibiotics. However, Sabeena’s son has also forced her to go to Bengaluru where she was undertaken with advanced testing and it was revealed that she had lung cancer.

Now, this was just an example but if we talk about most of the cases for lung cancer patients, Dr C Ramachandra who is the Director at the Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology said that lung cancer is usually detected quite late.

He also said that it progresses aggressively and hence the time gap between the symptoms and the advanced stage is very minimal. If we say, then around 90% per cent of the patients come in for the treatment of lung cancer at a very late stage. But most of the time, cancer reaches a stage where it cannot be further cured. 

The COVID – 19 pandemics has also made the early detection of lung cancer even worse. Most of the time, people don’t even want to go and visit and consult the doctor even if they have cough and other symptoms, they have the fear of COVID and so end up treating themselves at home and not consulting a doctor until the condition gets severe.

And for those who were not diagnosed with the COVID also take the syrups and the antibiotics and stay at their place. But it is a fact that only an X-ray or a CT scan can help you to detect lung cancer and so it must be done as a precautionary measure for a lot of the COVID patients who are suffering from lung afflictions. 

The hospitals in the city are also getting more and more cases with the third and the fourth stages of Lung cancer coming in the record.

But it is said that most of them are not curable and this problem can be seen in almost all age groups. But only a small group of people were lucky as the tumour was detected earlier than the CT and the X-ray test and also they started to undergo the treatments. So it is a good thing that Covid helped them to find cancer that they knew they had. 

But for others who are in the rural and the cities part, the wrong diagnosis is just leading to make things even worse. But again however it has to be said that till now there was no evidence as such which says that the COVID – 19 causes lung cancer or tumour.

So it is suggested that if your COVID symptoms last even after you have tested negative then you should get your CT scan done.