The global pandemic Covid 19 has caused great unrest across the globe. The rise of the number of cases globally has affected the best of economies to a large extent. Moreover, the variants of Covid and its contagious spread are the major point of concern for everyone. 

The medical experts and specialists address the Covid situation as a rare phenomenon. Though the introduction of vaccines has caused great relief to the majority of nations, the US still exerts to get a hold of the situation.

The Covid Hospitalization Increases In Major Cities And States Across US

The vaccination rate in the Us has shown a significant positive groan from the last few months. The US citizens and residents are coming forward and showing acceptance for the vaccination. More than 85% of the total US population is now vaccinated at least with one dose. 

The food and Drug Administration of the US is also introducing various measures and policies to support vaccination.

The Covid Hospitalization Increases In Major Cities And States Across US

The recent approval of the Booster shot was one of the most important decisions. Booster shots will provide the extra immunity of the citizens and may limit the spread of Covid too.

However, still, 35% of the US population is unvaccinated. They are the major cause of the concern. The contagious virus is spreading rapidly amongst the unvaccinated communities of Berks and Pennsylvania leading to a rise in hospitalization rates. 

Last week it was noticed that the number of hospitalizations has increased in Pennsylvania as compared to the previous week. Positively, the numbers were less than what was recorded previously or during the Delta peak. The administration is still concerned and worried about the spread.

As per the official government data, Last week the number of hospitalizations in Berks due to Covid was 85 out of which around 17 patients were in the intensive care unit. 

During the peak of the virus, the hospitalization in Berks was 87, and patients in the intensive care unit were 20. The minimal difference in the number causes worry in the state medical facilities. 

It was also observed that in Berks two-third of patients hospitalized due to Covid infection were unvaccinated. The center urges its eligible 60 million citizens to get their shots of vaccination at the earliest. It is also educating the communities about the importance and benefits of vaccination.

A similar situation was observed in Pennsylvania and other locations across the US. As the number of infections and reinfection increases in the states like California, New York State, Colorado, and New Texas, the administration is struggling to get the nation back to pre-pandemic condition. 

A rise in the number of Covid cases in children is astonishing. The latest reports show that the number of Covid cases in children and youth in Berks is a little below the record levels. However, Pennsylvania has a record number. The weekly average is high in this region. 

The Federal government and FDA are issuing several statements regularly stating that “the only get the situation under the control, limit the number of cases and fight against this deadly virus is through vaccinations.’ The administration is increasing vaccination units across the country to make vaccination accessible for all. The boosters are also available for adults and eligible citizens in the country.