The number of ICU admissions at UT Health facilities has reduced as the number of COVID patients has decreased in comparison to a few months ago. The contrast is significant since approximately 160 admissions were reported throughout the summers, but only 20 admissions were recorded in September.

Covid Cases In East Texas Decline, Experts Advise Taking All Precautions

The virus is changing and transforming into a less severe version of delta variant, according to the Chief Medical Officer of UT Health East Texas, Dr. Tom Cummins. He also expected and believed that COVID-19 vaccines are fairly successful in combating the disease’s worst consequences, resulting in fewer admissions each day.

Covid Cases In East Texas Decline

In East Texas areas, adult immunization rates are high, and now children’s immunizations are being approved, which will be a huge step forward in preventing the disease.

After a dramatic drop in just two months, rates in East Texas are now falling even faster. According to the Department of State Health Services, there were 2984 active cases on November 3 and 2241 on November 12.

Most counties have reached their lowest levels of COVID-19 ahead of holidays in East Texas. This has also boosted citizens’ confidence in their ability to defeat the disease. The CEO of NET Health has a positive attitude toward people and continues to encourage individuals to be vaccinated if they have not already done so.

Thanksgiving is approaching and people need to take all precautionary measures as delta variant is still prevailing in some counties of East Texas.

The disease spreads at several levels in the community.

According to NET Health, the COVID-19 has three stages, the first of which requires a person to be isolated in order to prevent the virus from spreading, however, the virus is deemed to be under control.

People at the Moderate level may or may not notice harsh conditions around them. On a fundamental level, the sickness is uncontrollable, and patients are prevented from moving in any way.

Even if the COVID-19 vaccination has been completed, the CDC has advised residents to get a flu shot as flu season is approaching. The diseases have similar symptoms, according to the CDC, but the viruses are different. It’s also possible that people might get both infections at the same time.

The NET Health CEO advises that the holidays are approaching, and it is better to stay safe and healthy throughout the festivities. Getting immunized against the disease is the best option.

Even if NET Health is concerned about the festivities, it warns people and breathes a sigh of relief because the number of cases is decreasing every day. He argues that greater vaccination rates in East Texas are to blame for the significant decrease in cases.

After a peak in September with a large number of COVID hospitalizations, the number of patients has begun to decline rapidly.

According to medical specialists in East Texas, the number of cases is still not zero and massive gatherings are still not recommended by the police, and it is preferred to celebrate only within the family and added security. When visiting any poorly ventilated location, precautions must be taken to keep yourself safe and intact.

The doctors are crossing their fingers that no new peaks will emerge in East Texas after the holidays. “We need to be careful and follow preventive measures, during the holidays,” Dr. McGaha said, “since no one is aware of the Delta version.”