When Vice President Joe Biden attempted to convey the national outrage over millions of Citizens who have refused to get the COVID-19 vaccination, he came dangerously near to succeeding.

His comments struck a chord with the vast majority of immunized Americans who were becoming tired of an epidemic that should have been brought to a close by now.

COVID Child Care, Biden Understands Exactly What You Want. But Will He Be Able To Deliver?

Thousands of schools in 35 states were forced to close as a result of the current outbreak of illnesses, which was almost exclusively caused by unvaccinated Americans getting sick. Intensive care units, especially in the South, were almost at capacity as a result of the outbreak.

COVID Child Care, Biden Understands Exactly What You Want

The influx of patients has become so bad that an Alabama man died of a heart attack earlier this month after being refused entry from 43 facilities as they were overburdened with COVID-19 patients.

Anti-vaxxing televangelists were dying as a result of the epidemic, and tales of ill people regretting their refusal to get vaccinations abound. Meanwhile, pediatric instances are on the rise in California, a teacher who had not been vaccinated read to her kindergarten class, and 12 children tested positive for the flu virus. Sixty percent of Americans approve of Biden’s vaccination requirement.

It’s no surprise that folks are enraged. It should come as no surprise that when Vice President Joe Biden used mandates to express his increasing anger, 60 percent of the nation responded, “Go for it.” His steps might have been taken sooner. (We advocated for such limits back in July.) However, he was able to catch a wave of emotion just as it was cresting. It’s in this that Biden’s sixth sense comes into play.

As shown by his catastrophic Afghanistan pullout or his confusing message on COVID-19 masking, there are still serious doubts about his competence in the job.

According to others, this may account for a significant portion of the recent decline in Biden’s popularity rating. Nonetheless, the president seems to be particularly skilled at expressing what Americans want whenever they want it.

His $1.9 trillion COVID-19 rescue package, which passed only with Democratic votes in March, was a risky bet on deficit spending that backfired. The cash payments, unemployment benefits, and money for school reopenings included in the Act drew widespread support, despite the opposition of Republican legislators.

The same can be said about plans to increase assistance for daycare after the epidemic revealed how difficult it is for working parents, especially women, to find safe and inexpensive child care for their young children. And, as wildfires raged across a crop failure West and a succession of storms battered the East, Vice President Joe Biden spoke out on behalf of the one in every three Americans who inhabit the area that has been affected by a weather catastrophe in the last few months.

Whatever it is, whether it’s his much-touted empathy, a savvy stable of advisers, nimble internal polling, or a combination of all three, Biden appears to embody a virtue described by author Harper Lee in “To Kill a Mockingbird.”