The increase in the number of Covid cases across the US is the major concern of the US government. The administration is taking several measures to ensure that the upward curve of Covid cases moves downward. The many US States like New York, New Jersey, California, Ohio have started to see an awkward surge in the covid 19 cases. Although, 97 percent of the confirmed cases have been found from the delta version of the covid 19. 

The Covid Cases Tripled More Problems In Administration

However, the recent report of an increasing covid 19 cases in New York State is astonishing. On Thursday, it was reported that the new Covid cases in New York state were 21,027 in a single day.  This day is a great shock for everyone. The previous high in a single day was 19,942 in the month of January 2021. It is reported that the Covid cases in New York have jumped 154% in the last week and the positivity rate has doubled in just three days.

The Covid Cases Tripled More Problems In Administration

As per the previous week’s reports, In New York State, there are approximately 20 confirmed cases of the omicron variant out of a total of 43 cases in the country. 

Addressing this situation Governor Kathy Hochul in a press release announced, “As the winter season is approaching and Christmas festival celebrations are around the corner, we should be more agile, attentive, and stay protected as the omicron variant is on the verge of community transmission. 

Earlier this week she authorized a mask mandate rule for all the unvaccinated citizens to enter any indoor public spaces. She also stated that we must continue to wear the mask and encourage everyone to take their vaccination dose and a booster shot at the earliest due to the inefficiency of the vaccines to fight against the omicron variant.

Positively, the hospitalization rate due to Covid infection continues to remain low. The latest statistic of hospitalization in New York due to Covid is 3839. Whereas, in the month of January when the Covid was at its peak in the New York state with around 19000 Covid cases daily the hospitalizations were more than double.

The state is trying hard to get control over the number of Covid cases which has doubled over the past four days. Meanwhile, the wake of the Omicron variant of Covid is also stressing the administration and health care service providers.

The National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins claimed that there is a great possibility that the US will soon see a considerable number of Omicron Variant cases by the end of January. He also said that it is true that omicron is highly contagious and spreading at an enormous rate which has been found on the basis of initial studies conducted by scientists in South Africa and the United States.  

Moreover, there is very little data available about this Covid variant which is making it more difficult for the medical researchers to come to a final conclusion as Scientists and medical experts are striving to understand the characteristics and determine the consequence of vaccines on this variant.