The healthcare and frontline workers are the backbone of the medical system in the current situation and vaccinating them must be the priority of every government and state medical authority.  The nursing staff is more prone to the covid 19 virus as they have direct contact with the infected patients. 

Covid 19 Booster Shots Important For The Healthcare Staff!

As another variant of coronavirus emerges, the citizens and administration have become much more aware and concerned. Since the outbreak of the Omicron variant, continuous studies are being conducted and efforts are being made to develop different routes to fight against it. 

Covid 19 Booster Shots Important For The Healthcare Staff!

Right now, the biggest development is the production of booster shots to combat omicron strain. The people are being encouraged to come forward and get fully vaccinated in order to become eligible for booster shots.

The COVID-19 vaccines made available for everyone have shown effectiveness in preventing you from getting infected but may lose their effect after a certain period of time. However, the research done suggests that there is an urgent need of getting booster shots to stay prevented from the attack of omicron. 

To be eligible for the booster shots, you need to complete the primary series of vaccination. On completion of that, you can get yourself a booster shot after 6 months of the second dose of either Pfizer or Moderna and for Johnson & Johnson, it was 2 months and a single dose.  

According to the latest reports, not all nursing home residents in the US have been able to get booster shots. This is something to worry about as it leaves 50℅ of the group vulnerable to infection and also holds the potential to become the source of mass infection due to frequent connection with the patients suffering from the Covid 19. 

As the issues and concerns begin to build up around the omicron variant, the need to get sufficient protection against it also gets heightened. The US Centers For Disease Control and Prevention had suggested in September that all the healthcare workers and residents must receive their booster shots as soon as possible. 

Also, the US President made it mandatory for health care workers to get vaccinated in order to work smoothly. But this movie got a great amount of backlash from various political leaders and medical authorities. 

Now the major concerns start here as the data provided by CDC shows that only one-fourth of the nursing home residents had got their booster shots out of the 80℅ eligible nursing home residents in the nation. 

The healthcare workers or the front line warriors were among the top priority of the state to get vaccinated to prevent others from getting infected. Many healthcare workers lost their lives because of the coronavirus and mostly were unvaccinated.

It is an alarming situation to have unvaccinated healthcare staff at work as it puts others’ lives at risk along with theirs. There could be serious malfunctioning if the situation is not brought under control. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to have the healthcare workers vaccinated before they begin to deal with the patients. They must be encouraged to receive the booster shots as it will boost the immunity system faster.