According to an Edison Research exit survey done by news organizations in California, the Covid-19 epidemic ranked at the forefront of voters’ concerns. About one-third identified it as the most pressing problem facing the state.

Homelessness comes in second, followed by the economy as well as wildfires in third and fourth place, respectively, while criminality comes in fifth place with little under one-tenth.

COVID-19 Is The Most Significant Issue For Californians

Moreover, 4 in 10 Democrats consider coronavirus to be their most pressing concern, compared to just roughly one-fifth of Republicans who feel the same way about the virus. According to a recent poll, conservatives are much more than three times more likely than Democrats to say that the economy is their main worry.

When it comes to the trajectory of the epidemic in California, voters have a mixed view, with about four in ten believing the situation is improving, three in ten believing it is staying about the same, and just less than one-quarter believing it is worse.

COVID-19 Is The Most Significant Issue For Californians

In a poll, roughly 45 percent of the voters said Newsom’s measures on the epidemic were “about right,” with about one-third thinking they were “too stringent” and the remaining believing they were “insufficiently stringent.”With more than six in ten people believing that being vaccinated is much more of a public health duty than a personal decision, Covid-19 mitigating efforts have garnered widespread support.

A personal decision, according to the majority of California Republicans, while vaccination is considered a public health duty by the majority of Democrats.

Californians are almost equally divided on the present status of the California economy, with around half describing it as good or outstanding and the other half describing it as not so good or bad. The electorate expressed a greater unfavorable attitude about the expenses of living in their local region of California, with almost 6 in 10 stating that such expenditures are at least somewhat unaffordable.

Just like they did in the 2020 US presidential election as well as the 2018 gubernatorial campaign, women account for slightly over half of California’s electorate in the recall election.

According to the results of the exit polls, white majorities make up a slim majority of the electorate, with the remaining electors being persons of color. White voters constituted about half of the electorate in 2020, compared to 63 percent in 2018.

The California exit poll is a mix of in-person interviews with voters on Election Day and telephone and internet surveys to gauge the opinions of absentees by mail and early voters in the state’s election. On the National Election Pool’s behalf, Edison Research conducted the survey.

On Election Day, in-person interviews were performed with a random sample of 2,356 Election Day voters at 30 voting sites across California. In addition, 1,352 interviews of early as well as absentee voters were performed by phone, internet, or text message as part of the findings. There is an error margin of plus or – 3 percentage points for the overall results; however, the margin of error is greater for subgroup outcomes.