White House on Monday said that the 7 states in the US with low vaccination rates are the most sufferers of COVId-19. The spike of coronavirus in unvaccinated communities accounts for more than 17% of Covid cases across the nation. The US administration is making efforts to motivate its people to get their dose of vaccination and shield themselves. There are continuous law and rule introductions to safeguard the spread of the virus. The highly contagious Delta Variant of COvid-19 is infecting citizens at an enormous rate.

One In Five Covid-19 Cases Is Occurring In Texas And Florida

President Biden on Monday Afternoon made a tweet emphasizing that one must not stress or panic in this pandemic situation. The country is ready like never to tackle the surge in a number of cases. He stated that “Unlike a year ago, we have the ability to save lives and keep our economy growing,” he wrote. “We know we can dramatically lower the cases in the country. We can do this. Get vaccinated.”The Biden administration also explicitly supports the vaccination drive in the states where the coronavirus cases are surging high. It also requested universities and corporate organizations to make it compulsory for their employees/students to get vaccinated.

One in Five Covid-19 cases are occurring in Texas and Florida

Vaccination is important to protect oneself from the virus contraction and get the immunization against the virus. The only way to limit the spread of coronavirus and reduce the number of cases in the states is by accomplishing vaccination goals. Earlier this week, the latest data on vaccination drives gave us some astonishing numbers highlighting that the target to achieve 70% vaccination was hit a month late. Jeff Zients, the White House coordinator for Coronavirus response also issued a statement accepting the need to immunize against the virus.

The coordinator also acknowledged the fact that the virus is growing and spreading like a wildfire and the only way to control and beat this pandemic is by getting more and more people in the country vaccinated. The 7 states where the vaccination rate is low are given instructions by the White House to motivate their citizens and make amendments in the rules to improve the vaccination rate.

The renowned disease experts predict that the country may soon witness an exemplary rise from 1,40,000 to 3,00,000 cases a day if the vaccination targets are not completed. The month of August may see the deadliest ever spread of the contagious Delta Variant. The number of coronavirus-infected people getting hospitalized in Florida is breaking all the previous records. However, the sudden spread and rise of coronavirus have led people to quit their reluctance towards vaccination. More and more Americans are supporting vaccination and getting themselves vaccinated. A recent seven-day data on vaccinated people reveals that the average of 4,41,000 newly vaccinated people was highest. It is also speculated that if the vaccination rate in Florida and Texas improves one can notice a declining curve in the coronavirus cases immensely. The administration is working together with the citizens and striving to get more eligible vaccinated.