Soap opera actor Steve Burton alleges that he was sacked from “General Hospital” because he refused to obtain a coronavirus vaccination, despite many companies still requiring their employees to get the vaccine. ‘General Hospital,’ where Burton portrayed the character, Jason Morgan, “Unfortunately, has let me go owing to the vaccine requirement,” according to an Instagram video he shared on Tuesday.

Corona Vaccine Is The Latest To Be Blamed For The Actor’s Dismissal

According to Burton’s story, he was denied medical and religious exemptions. Aside from that, this is a matter of personal liberty for me.” He doesn’t think anyone’s job should be in jeopardy because of it. According to allegations in the media, Burton has been sacked from “General Hospital.” Due to his refusal to adhere to the production’s vaccination policy, he was sacked.

Corona Vaccine Is The Latest To Be Blamed For The Actor's Dismissal

Celebrities and other high-profile individuals have been fired or forced out of their jobs due to vaccination requirements. According to reports, Ingo Rademacher, Burton’s former co-worker, was fired earlier this month for the same reason. Reports in the media that Ice Cube turned down the role of Jack Black’s co-star in a future comedy because producers wanted him inoculated.

Controversy erupted throughout the country this year over immunization rules for the coronavirus. At the local, state, and federal levels, laws may likely change. According to employment expert Kevin Troutman, vaccines are mandated by national and most state legislatures. However, employers may only impose vaccinations if they grant medical and religious exemptions or concessions in certain instances, according to employment law. According to Troutman, if employees refuse to adhere to corporate regulations without reasonable adjustments, they might be dismissed.

Government contractors and health care workers will also have to get the shots under a new federal policy. As the crisis has worsened, states including Florida, Montana, Tennessee, and Texas have enacted legislation prohibiting employers from requiring employees to get vaccinated, making the situation even more difficult. He added that this has not yet been challenged in court, but federal law would most certainly override any contradictory state laws in this regard.

According to Troutman, the Fisher Phillips’ vaccination team leader, it has become a much more complex analysis. As an employer, you must evaluate all of the variables before making a decision to guarantee that you are on a sound legal foundation. Aside from federal rules like the Americans with Disabilities Act, Troutman added that exemptions are examined following criteria published by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which forbids employment biases in the form of racial or religious discrimination. A worker’s ability to do the essential duties of their job without endangering themselves or others must be determined by their employer before they may be allowed to stay on.

According to him, it’s not a given that every employee who asks for an exemption qualifies. Burton was on “General Hospital” from 1991 until 2012, followed by a stint on “The Young and the Restless.” He was hospitalized at the “General Hospital” in 2017. His last show, which broadcast on October 27, was killed.