Having you heard about the name Clinton Misquitta? If you haven’t, well that’s because you don’t live in Kuwait or in India. Kuwait may be a small country in the map, but for people living inside the walls of that country, Clinton Misquitta is a name that inspires people to be something. He is the individual responsible for one of the most visited English news media sites in that country which is called Kwt Today.

Born in an immigrant family, he was brought up and raised in Kuwait. His parents are Indian, and that is why he shares a strong connection to the people of India. Many of the Indian immigrants living in Kuwait have gone on to enjoy massive success in that tiny Middle Eastern country, and Clinton Misquitta is no exception. He initially started his career in the world of the internet as a digital marketer. After working for several years, he accumulated a massive treasure trove of experience as a digital marketing specialist, having helped many companies in both Kuwait and India to become successful with their digital marketing campaigns. Now he mostly works for himself, and is a self-made entrepreneur now. Lifestyle Blogger, Influencer and Business Promoter are some of the professions which Clinton Misquitta identifies with. He is a true all-rounder of sorts, having dabbled in almost anything and becoming successful at that. His Instagram page has more than 11 thousand followers, his Kwt Today is one of the most visited news media sites of Kuwait. By the long list of achievements in his life, it is safe to say that Clinton Misquitta has some grand visions about his digital media platform.

The signature element that makes him successful in this highly competitive field is his desire to work harder than the rest of us and his immense drive to be fully committed to his work. Many of us struggle to get back up when life kicks us in the face, but Clinton has used his adversaries to his advantage and come out on top by facing all the obstacles in both his personal as well as his professional life and become triumphant against all odds. He isn’t shy to do the hard work, and he isn’t afraid to do what needs to be done. There is a lot to learn from the accomplishments of Clinton Misquitta, and what is more amazing is that he is still very young and he has miles to go before his eventual retirement from the industry. What he has achieved in his relatively short career is nothing more than amazing. It is truly exciting to see what Clinton Misquitta comes up with next.

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