There is always a neverending debate going on to compare the effectiveness of Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. Both have tried to showcase the best results and data to prove their vaccination is much effective. 

Phase 3 Clinical Trial Conducted By Pfizer Shows Positive Results

Pfizer conducted a test on children between 12-15 and their results were demonstrated by the company on Monday which shows 100 percent efficiency and effectiveness in fighting against the covid 19 virus. The company also stated that there are no serious issues were reported during the testing phase on 2200 kids. 

Clinical Trial Conducted By Pfizer Shows Positive Results

Pfizer conducted this phase 3 clinical testing of vaccine to check the safety and effectiveness and received excellent results. According to the company, the two-dose series of the vaccine is very effective to fight against covid right from 7 days to 4 months after the second dose.

As per the Pfizer officials, the data collected after the testing will be directly presented to the federal medical agencies for authorization. The regulatory authorities will analyze the results and then plan to support the medical testing or not.

Although, the Pfizer vaccination has already been approved for the age group of 5-11 years. Now after the clinical trial on the 12-15 years age group the vaccine manufacturing company is confident about the approval.

The World Health Organization and other global health agencies are continuously working towards developing a healthy environment to fight against the virus. 

World leaders and health organizations are putting a lot of effort into completely vaccinating people around the globe. We are also heading towards a safer environment and offering vaccines that will protect the whole world. 

The Pfizer CEO has commented that booster shots are available for all the adults, kids between 5-11 are getting vaccinated effectively and now the age group between 12-15 are getting more prone to the delta variant and we are creating a vaccine that will safeguard their lives too and very soon our team will present such data to the FDA to seek approval.

The Food and Drug Administration already allowed Pfizer vaccination for adults aged 16 and above. 

Also, Pfizer stated in its press release that the phase 3 clinical trial has been conducted keeping in mind all the guidelines laid by FDA and CDC for all the vaccine manufacturing companies and allowing these agencies to investigate the covid 19 vaccine for this age group for its safety and efficiency. 

The Pfizer vaccine is already available for young children aged between 12-15 under EUA ( Emergency Use Authorization) and it was granted in May 2021 by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Also from the sources, the company has also planned to share this data with the higher medical agencies in other countries where Emergency Use Authorization was granted.

On Friday, both FDA and CDC expanded the eligibility criteria for the booster shots for all the adults above 18 in the USA. This approval has proved to be very effective to increase the immunity in the entire country.