Massoud Coverlet is one of the most successful people and entrepreneurs in our country.

 Characteristics of a successful businessman from his language

The characteristics of a successful businessman include such things as courage, patience, having a living intellect and eager for ambition, and so on.

What features should you have if you are going to do business online and especially for export?

1. Be bold and patient

Those who want to get involved in business and their previous job was not buying and selling and trading, because this job is a new job, they feel they have entered a new world.

These people need to have more strength and courage, because too much worry closes the human limbs. People who are too worried can not do their job properly.

People may not have the patience to get results. If you procrastinate at the beginning or do not have the patience to achieve the desired result while you are discussing the progress of the work, your work will not progress.

Patience is very important for the advancement of a business that starts from scratch, and you must be determined for at least a year in the work and ignorance that you have and the problems that arise, and move forward.

In any problem that arises, try to use the Arad branding collection or the experience of the people who work as colleagues in this collection and try to create success for yourself over a period of time.

Do not worry that you may not succeed, because it does not, and every person in any field and in any product that has already been tested and entered into the product with knowledge, if he has waited, he must have concluded.

2- Not satisfied with limited income for a lot of work

A very important point for someone who decides to enter this job is not to be morally someone who is satisfied with a limited income or an employee job. Those who are like this will usually not succeed.

There have been many people in the Arad branding complex, some of whom have been employees and have done work and received a fixed salary, especially those who are officially employed in government positions, and who feel they have a fixed salary.

There are two types of people, people who have quit their jobs and started a business, and other people who have tried to do two things at the same time and keep their fixed salaries and start a business. And the interesting thing is that those who quit their job as employees were able to succeed better and easier.

If this case is investigated, there can be several reasons. One reason is this: a person who has quit his job knows that he has to earn a living.

Not satisfied with limited income versus hard work

So they do their best and wait in the middle of the work, and they do not say no and I leave the work and return to my previous work.

Such a person leaves his previous job and no longer thinks about it and does it with all his energy.

If you are working in another business that generates income for you, and on the other hand, you have been working in the branding business for some time and it has an income for you, that you can turn the wheel of your life, leave your previous job.

If you really want to work, as soon as you have the minimum income for yourself, give up other jobs and focus on your business to be successful. The most important thing for you is to make this decision.

3- Believe in unlimited business income

The person who enters the business must accept that in the discussion of business, it is not possible for you to earn a ceiling.

A customer may call you as much as a container at the ringing of a telephone, or he or she may want to buy a large amount from you for at least 2-3 consecutive months.

This will lead to huge profits for you, and you will not be able to make such a profit in any space other than business.

So anyone who wants to enter the online business must first believe that if they expose themselves and their product to their customers, they will enter a much larger world, which is not comparable to other jobs, even traditional businesses.

This belief can help you to continue your work with more determination and success.

4- Be eager to grow and experience new things

Another feature that you must have in this direction is that you really want to grow. When you enter a larger market and want to export, for example, you naturally do not know some things at the beginning.

For example, you do not know how to send the goods and how to receive the money. There may be issues that did not even cross your mind before you started work, and in the middle of work, they become a puzzle for you and create a temporary stop in your work.

An export customer wants a product from you, and the worst thing that can happen is that he will not trade with you in the end. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo.

Many people in the Iraqi market have made this mistake. For example, the customer has told them to pay 50% of the money and the cargo will be sent across the border and then the rest will be paid. Now if you do this, your hand is no longer tied to where you want to get the rest of the money.

If you do not make these mistakes and proceed according to what is said, the worst thing that will happen is that the customer will not buy from you.

When the customer negotiates with you,You really learn a lot and transfer a lot of experience to you that can create a lot of growth in you so that you can be much more successful in future customers.

If you want to be successful in online business, you need to build the spirit that you are interested in learning new things and gaining new experiences, and not worry about that.

You can grow your business from this angle when you come to it.

This growth will bring you more revenue, and you can multiply your revenue in export markets.

5. Think global and act on the field

Experts believe that you should allow the customer to come to you and communicate with you, then in the next steps with any problem you encounter and anything that worries you, then you have the opportunity to find the answer to your question.

In fact, get ahead of yourself, and as mentioned, the worst thing that can happen is that you can’t support 2 or 3 customers. But you can find the answers to the questions that come to you in those trades, and you can easily advance the fourth person.

In order to be successful, you must proceed with the same perspective as you have so far, and solve problems step by step.

If you want to go from the beginning to the end and know everything, you will never succeed. Wait and move step by step and let everything go normally and try not to make fatal mistakes as mentioned.

These are issues that may cause you to fail and become frustrated. Do not do these things and reciprocally as you go step by step, it will make you see newer spaces and this will make you grow.

So put your worries aside and move in the field where you are so that little by little the field in front of you expands and you can see a bigger space and there you can make your real decisions.

6. Choose the right guide

All of the above happens when you have chosen the right path for you, and do not receive information except from those who can give you the right advice.

A friend or acquaintance may want to suggest a way for you and this will cause you problems in your path.

Try to use the experiences of those who have worked and are successful for some time in Arad Branding, or use Arad Branding consultants and professors so that you can take your work step by step and succeed.

If all these things are observed, you can enter the field of export and international arenas with all these features, and after you have experienced export, you can take your goods from one country to another in the international arena. Without being bound by the fact that your point of origin is Iran.