The information security sector has risen to the top in the UAE with significant contributions from the astute technical leader, Marzooqi.

Looking at the current scenarios of things all over the world, there is no doubt about the fact that the digital wave has gulped major parts of the world and almost all the business have now gone online after what the world is facing today known as the global health pandemic. This pandemic has brought the world on the tips of the fingers, which in turn has risen many cases of online threats, hacking, malware, extortions and other crucial cybercrimes. If technology is seen as a boon, it is also vital to consider it as a harmful tool sometimes that can ruin people’s lives and even pose a threat to the security of a country. Waheed Al Marzooqi is a young technical genius who has entered the field of information security and smart devices in the UAE as a blessing who has since the beginning of his career has been forward in battling such grave online issues of the country.

Online threats have increased after people realizing how the world today is reliant on digital mediums more than ever and taking advantage of the same; they turn towards theft and cybercrimes. Marzooqi, on the other hand, is the saviour of the country who has always protected it and the people from online threats that mostly come from outside of the UAE.

With his market awareness and incredible abilities to act as per the changing trends of the industry, Marzooqi has successfully solved many cases of theft, extortion, online hackers and the like. This UAE-based technical and cybersecurity expert was born in 1989 and today has turned into a young entrepreneur as well by being the CEO of Technical Support Company that speaks loudly about his passion and expertise in the field, providing the much-needed security to electronic calculations and websites.

In 2006, Marzooqi began with serving his homeland by saving people from cases of theft, electronic accounts and electronic extortions, etc. He has always been aware of the working of the hacking community worldwide, which has made him more cognizant and clever as a security expert in the online world, saving people from the many potential threats that a country can get exposed to.

His success as a technical leader can also be seen by the number of prominent people he has assisted so far in his career. He has worked for many famous Arabs, famed personalities, VIPs and artists, amassing more than one hundred thousand cases till date. From 2015-2017, as a social counsellor, Marzooqi advised the community on social networking sites. His research and experiments and the knowledge he earned over the years, encouraged him to spread the same experience with others through TV programs on satellite channels and newspaper articles.

Marzooqi has also involved himself in humanitarian works by providing technical services for free to the needy. There is a reason why Marzooqi today has become a famous technical and cybersecurity professional in all of the Gulf countries and the Arab world as a whole. His contributions in the field have earned him many recognitions and certificates as well. With his sharp knowledge and skills as a security expert, Marzooqi has changed the dynamics of the field for the better, by protecting his country from all kinds of cybercrimes and viruses.