Chief Marvel is the first Marvel superhero film to be released since the demise of Stan Lee and it pays tribute to the comic book creator in a fairly contacting way.

Lee died the bucket at 95 years old in Los Angeles on 12 November. His death started an overflowing of tributes from individuals whose lives have been touched by the characters he made, including Spider-Man, Hulk and the first X-Men.

While Lee himself didn’t create Captain Marvel’s adjust alter ego, Carol Danvers – that was Roy Thomas and craftsman Gene Colan – it was his motivation that pushed his friends to bring the character, played in the new film by Brie Larson, to the world.

The movie’s directors, Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, may have discovered paying tribute to the legend in an acceptable way very intense, however they prevailing with regards to conveying something simple, effective and extremely touching.

Marvel Studios has modified its opening trail – which more often than not includes its outfit of characters – to feature just Stan Lee, utilizing pictures taken from his numerous appearances in the course of recent years; it’s a moment that will no doubt have everybody in the cinema whooping and applauding.

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