Antiviral pills are considered one of the best ways to reduce the infection but according to some health experts, the antiviral pills must not be considered as a close alternative to vaccination and booster shots. 

Pfizer has announced that its experimental antiviral pill for covid 19 is more effective than the vaccine shots and has reduced the death and hospitalization rate by 89 percent. The pill named “Paxlovid” by Pfizer is the second pill that has appeared on the market. 

Can Pills Be The New Game Changer In The Fight Against Covid-19?

Earlier Merck came up with it antiviral pill called “molnupiravir” which has been sent for trials under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

These pills can be a big breakthrough in the fight against coronavirus in the long run. According to some studies, The Merck pills claim to be 50% effective, whereas the Paxlovid claims to be 89% effective. 

Can Pills Be The New Game Changer In The Fight Against Covid-19?

The patients who took the drug within three days of developing the virus symptoms had 89% less hospitalization and casualty as compared to those who did not. It has been found after the trials that only 1% or less were required to take to the hospital after infection. 

When compared to another group who did not take the drug, the hospitalizations rate jumped by 6 percent and these statistics have proved to showcase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Antiviral Pills. 

The advisory panel of the US  Food and Drug Administration has set to meet on 30 November to decide about the results from Merck. 

It should be noted that Pfizer also submitted all the results which seem better than Merck to the FDA and asked for the emergency approval of its pill “Paxlovid” as the winter season is coming and its pills will be a game-changer to fight against the delta variant. 

With these pills, the federal government and other state medical agencies are seeing a new ray of hope for the lives of citizens of The US. The FDA is studying the pros and cons of these pills and also has set a meeting for the decision. 

The chairman of Pfizer, Albert Bourla said that 90 countries are in contact with the company for the Pfizer pills. The pills, according to Albert, are effective to the extent that it reduces the seriousness of the infection and prevent 9 out of 10 hospitalizations, as per Pfizer officials. 

The health authorities also think that this antiviral drug will help in the effective treatment of the symptoms. 

Studies show that both molnupiravir and Paxlovid are effective new medications that patients can take at home to reduce COVID-19 problems, which might be especially helpful for people who are at high risk of severe illness. 

The only questionable thing is the long-term effectiveness of these pills. As per CDC and Dr, Fauci the effectiveness of two doses of Pfizer and Moderna is waning with time and thus we require something to fight the virus. 

Both booster shots and antiviral pills will help in reducing the struggle against the Covid 19. The antiviral drug will help in the effective treatment of people.