When Camilo Doumat left his native Venezuela to chase the American dream, he arrived in the States with nothing but a laptop, and a burning desire to forge a name and a career for himself in the land of opportunity.

A year later, he had exceeded all his expectations. Camilo was his own boss and a multi-millionaire. Yet being financially free and able to work from anywhere in the world is not something the e-commerce expert will ever take for granted.

“I’ve always loved computers,” explained the 25-year-old. “From a young age I saw the potential a laptop offered an individual to conquer the world of business from their armchair. We live in an age where brick and mortar offices are redundant. All you need is an internet connection and a plan and you’re good to go.”

From the very beginning, Camilo proved he had the Midas touch when it came to e-commerce. His first Shopify store made a staggering $300k in the first 15 days and Camilo has since turned over 7 million dollars in sales.

“It’s been like a dream,” added Camilo. “I think it was when I made 1.3 million dollars in one month and over $100k in one day that I knew I’d arrived. Those figures were life-changing and allowed me to realize a long-held dream of mine and that was to buy a Lamborghini. I always thought I’d be lucky if I could afford a Lamborghini at the age of 30, but now, here I am at 25, and I own two. It’s unbelievable!”

As a renowned expert in the hugely competitive field of creating, promoting and generating interest in online stores and brands, Camilo’s expertise is sought after by entrepreneurs far and wide looking to make their mark. The e-commerce expert is more than happy to help others live the dream but only if their focus and intentions are a 101 percent.

Camilo explained, “There’s no-one who understands an individual’s desire to be their own boss more than me, but having a positive mindset is everything if you want to play this game to win. It’s all very well having the freedom to work from your home, car, tent, or even a boat, but to earn that freedom you must be prepared to give your blood, sweat and tears and keep on giving.”

He further added, “You must be prepared to take risks and face off your greatest fears. You may get lucky and be an overnight success but the chances are you won’t, so you need to be resilient and possess tenacity by the bucket loads to keep on going when all seems lost. If you stay true to your path and believe in yourself, I guarantee success will come. And when it does, it will all be worth it.”