Globalization has caused a lot of changes in the present world. People have been rather innovative in what they do and how they do it. Home are those days when kids were given the idea that they could choose to be either a doctor or an engineer. Well, teachers were held important too. However, the present-day situation calls for innovation in every field of career. They have the freedom to discover their true talents since they are allowed to experience the world from a better angle. It’s time for all of you to get to know Cameron Mercadel, a 15-year-old 9th grader who on his way to becoming a professional Basketball player. This is one of the most demanding games that require the player to be extremely talented besides having great stamina. Cameron has often been asked whether he’s a basketball player because he’s 11inches just at the age of 15. Fortunately for him, he is indeed one!

With his unique qualities like a fast pace, good sense of awareness, and motivation to train for long hours without complaining, Cameron Mercadel has bagged a lot of attention. The President of Playmaker Network, Jason Malone, has complimented him on his outstanding game skills; he found Cameron quite competitive. He has been a source of learning for his other teammates to follow his moves for the better. One might derive that he has professionally formed a very long time, but not everyone knows how good of a player his father used to be back in the days. Actually, he has been personally trained by his father from a very young age. Cameron looks up to his parents for inspiration because they have posed a true role model in his life. They have not passed on the determination and basketball playing games and helped him grow as a person by giving him good moral values.

Being a professional comes with a whole package. The show ‘No Days Off’ of Whistle Sports features Cameron Mercadel in one of their episodes with more than 1.5 million views on YouTube. He has also done a document series that mostly brings forth young athletes who have achieved a lot in life and would certainly grow up to be legendary players. All await his upcoming show ‘A Shot At The Camp,’ Cameron does have an influence image in the community. Currently, all of his achievements are worth a lot; he is aware of how well deserved this is. He has spent countless days practicing for more than four hours a day, training to become better at playing basketball. He never stops, never pausing to take a break. We all procrastinate over our work, and this young man procrastinated in taking a break!

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