California requires all healthcare sector workers to get their booster shots without delay. There is a surge in Omicron variants that will create a huge pressure on the hospital and healthcare facility ecosystem in the weeks to come, it is believed. 

California Guides Healthcare Workers To Get Booster Shots

As the highly transmissible Omicron wades through the states, it is inevitable that it will blackout most functions at the facilities. Governor Gavin Newsom announced this new order on Tuesday on their Twitter handle. More details on this will be released starting Wednesday. 

California Guides Healthcare Workers To Get Booster Shots

California had already passed the law that all healthcare workers must get vaccinated, way back in September. And, it has already led to the dismissal and suspension of workers who did not comply. It is joining New Mexico in passing this order for the state’s healthcare workers to get the booster shots as early as possible. 

Last week, the Governor who has earlier imposed the first statewide lockdown in March the last year warned that if cases rose, he would have to make difficult decisions again. Thus, he stressed the wearing of masks and maintaining other social distancing norms at the earliest. 

The main concerns are due to the rise in Omicron variant infections in the state of California. As of Monday, it was the most dominant strain in the U.S. Midwest and Northeast have seen a massive jump in the number of infections and hospitalizations have also been reported. 

The main concern is that the behavior of the variant is still understudied. At present, it seems to be creating less severe symptoms, but that should not be a reason for laxity of any sort. Scientists have opinionated that the variant is more transmissible than all other earlier variants.

And, that seems to be the biggest worrying factor at present. Early studies on this have stressed, that the booster dose is the only way out. Vaccination does offer a stronger protection factor for death and severe infection symptoms. 

California has fared a lot better than other states lately, in controlling the virus. The CDC has reported California as a state where high transmission is possible. But it is not in isolation is been deemed so. Other states are also quite vulnerable where the spread of the Omicron is concerned. California had 114 new cases last week, amongst lac people. 

The reports state that over 70% of the population in California has been vaccinated, which leaves around 30 % unvaccinated. That numbers to around 12 million.

The California Department of Public Health says that those who are not vaccinated, are more likely to be severely affected by the Omicron variant. Such individuals who are unvaccinated are more likely to die of the infection. 

Coronavirus-related hospitalizations are on the rise today. In 11 days, the hospitalization figures have risen to 3,852. The numbers are higher than this last year, at around the same time, when vaccines had not come into reign the situation.

The hospitals have fewer patients, as compared to this time last year. However, the administration is not taking it lightly. A surge can happen in a matter of a few days. That is what is concerning people all over. 

There is a staffing shortage as well, in most hospitals and healthcare facilities too. The nurse shortage is the most alarming as they are primary caregivers at such centers when doctors are not around. The shortage is projected to be there till the year 2026. 

As of now, everybody including the government is keeping a close watch on the numbers. So, there will be an announcement as things go out of hand.