The Covid-19 Booster shot has been on the run for months and many states denied making it mandatory for everyone to have a booster shot. Today, the officials from California have announced that “no adult should be denied a booster shot and everyone is not eligible for the same”.

The health officials from California have directed the authorities to allow the patients to self-determine the level of risk they possess and the hospitals must not deny booster shots to any adult. 

California Adults Covid Booster Shot Eligibility

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended having booster shots but the health officials from California took a further step to allow any adult to have a booster shot. 

This step has been taken by California to fulfill the aim of President Biden to remove all the obstacles that will hamper the health system of the country.

California Adults Covid Booster Shot Eligibility

Also, now it will depend on the other states whether they join California in taking such a bold decision to make booster shots available for all adults or not. 

The health officials stated in the letter released that the level of risk exposure must be assessed by the patients themselves. The letter also states it may include but is not be limited to those who work with the public or anyone who lives with someone who is into public services or living with some who is at high risk of the severe impact of Covid 19 must be determined by the individuals. 

It also includes the geographic location of the person who has been badly impacted by coronavirus or someone who lives in a high transmission area; somewhat experienced social inequity must be assessed by the person itself. 

Dr. Mark Ghaly, The Secretary of the California Health and Human Agency said that If you think getting a booster shot will be a game-changer then, surely I will recommend everyone and motivate all adults to take the shot. 

The Director of the Department of Public Health Dr. Tomas J. Aragon wrote in the letter that the hospital, clinics, and pharmacies authorized to offer booster shots try not to turn away any patient. The service providers shall abide by the law and never miss even a single opportunity to offer booster shots to whosoever is requesting the same. Kindly make sure to vaccinate even during youtube or non-routine visits to any clinic, hospital, and pharmacies authorized to give booster shots for Covid-19. 

Apart from California. The Governor of Colorado, Jared Polis signed an official order and declared that every adult is eligible to receive a coronavirus booster shot after the top health officials from the state already recommended days back. 

Gov. Jared Polis suggested that the State is trying to get in sync with the CDC guidance and recommendation to allow every adult for booster shots. He said that this decision has been taken by considering the level of Covid cases that the entire state is a high-risk zone and certain steps needed to be taken in order to curb this severe situation.