With the rise of social media and profound understanding of the worldwide net, Creator and Founder of Atlas Creative Group, Daniel Philip in partnership with Janis Lubin CEO of ACG Latvia has created a community that centers around new, innovative and fresh ideas from generations that normally raises eyebrows in business.

We have never been more connected than we are today. We can get what we want in just a tap of a finger. Technology has revolutionized everything we’ve been taught and learned over the course of history and with this fundamental change comes a new perspective on how things operate in the 21st century. 

Source Statista 2021 shows over 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to buy goods and services and will continue to rapidly grow over the course of time. Presenting a huge opportunity to tap into E-commerce.

A humble businessman with humble beginnings and a strong passion to design and create, Daniel Philip at 21 was just a Canadian farmer living his life in Australia when he came across a digital business opportunity that changed his life for the better. He created Atlas Creative Group, a Holdings company at the lowest point of his professional career and found purpose. According to Daniel; “We are created therefore we create” and that has always been his core belief until now which the company stems from. A creative community that builds and innovates.

Now, the company has over 2,000 employees, 20 brands and partners in nearly seven locations. China, Latvia, Indonesia, United States, Brazil, Philippines and India. Almost all staff is between the ages of 18-25. 

According to Daniel, although he invites and accepts all age groups and demographics from different walks of life to join his community, he believes that Gen Z and Millenials have values and viewpoints that’s fundamental and complementary in succeeding in the vital digital world we’re currently living in from all other generations.

Source Global Web Index shows a recent graph of the amount of Millennials and Gen Z on social media. Their percentage surpasses the Boomers and Gen X generations. Although, they may get a lot of bad rep at times. Here are few crucial facts these generations has brought to the 21st century;

  • Influence – From quirky phrases like “Ok,Boomer” to lifestyle, entertainment, business and fashion, these generations effortlessly and organically grasp the levers of this new kind of influence that is appealing to brands and consumers. With that, the world “influencer” has been dominating the social space. 
  • The most tech savvy – Unlike all other generations, millennials and Gen Z has never known a life without technology. Therefore, has a more profound understanding of how technology works and how to make it better. 
  • Innovative – These generations are extremely opinionated and innovative. If they can create something that would make their life a lot better they will do it in a heartbeat. Proving that in order to succeed in E-commerce, thinking and acting like the consumers is essential in this line of work. 

That’s why Daniel at age 24, partnered with Janis Lubins CEO of ACG Latvia  25 years old to bring the community and its values on a greater and wider scale. 

ACG Latvia has been formed. It is the most pivotal part of the business. It’s the backbone of operations and distribution in Europe. The nesting ground of logistics with a huge office and warehouse situated in the capital city Riga with the most pristine area overlooking the river. The site is also the pioneer of the creative designer brand store La Hera™ which currently has a retail outlet in Bali, Indonesia.

We recently interviewed the man behind the operations in ACG Latvia, Janis Lubins with regards to their ultimate goal for 2021. He said;

“The company’s ultimate goal for 2021 is to launch ATLAS Distribution. The strongest and main global distribution and logistics center for the whole company. Shipping out more than 10,000 packages a month for all our brands all over the world and providing services to clients outside the community. ACG Latvia will be the nesting ground for this business model to grow and I’m pretty sure with how things are moving with the team, we’ll be able to launch it 2-3 months from now.”

He also added;

“I strongly believe that with our line of business, Millenials and Gen-Z generations are the most powerful force in sustainability and progress of the community. We relate more to consumers than all other generations. I’d like to thank my team for working extremely hard this past 6-7 months. We are pushing hard every day to reach our goals and targets. In that span of time, we’ve made so much progress and yielded so much great results. I am very proud of what we’ve created together and what we’ll create together. Stress is not going to get you anywhere, think objectively as young entrepreneurs, focus, keep calm in situations and we’ll glide through the year. Atlas Distribution needs fresh and innovative minds and it’ll strive”

With the growth of the E-commerce business, there’s no doubt a demand for a centralized logistics and distribution center will sky rocket. ATLAS Distribution will be helping entrepreneurs sustain their business. Become a pioneer of their craft. Creating more avenues for growth not just in E-commerce but also hopefully in retail. Tapping into major markets with low risk investment building relationships with partners and investors to cover their needs in terms of fulfillment. 

All of their employees are in their prime years ranging from 18-25 years and have been out performing all areas of the business from marketing, sales, logistics, distribution, creatives, customer service contributing fresh new ideas, approach and outlook on how to optimize different areas of business operations.

Traditional entrepreneurs may have a different opinion about Gen Z and Millenials in terms of value in business but these young, bold and successful entrepreneurs have countlessly proved people wrong time and time again with their rapid growth and results. Having individuals in the community who clearly understands their consumers viewpoint on a more personal level gives any business leverage. 

Atlas Creative Group is a growing community that’s constantly looking for modern, unusual, unconventional, unpredictable, crazy ideas and suggestions all around the world from individuals who are motivated and passionate about their own self growth whether you wanna be a CEO or tap into sales and marketing. It’s a creative community that’s constantly presenting opportunities. 

Keep updated with what’s going on with ACG expansions on Daniel Philip’s Instatram.