To excel in their respective fields, many people hire business coaches to mentor them along their entrepreneurial journeys. A quality business coach can help you achieve your dreams and teach you to succeed in your chosen field. Marc Galal works as a life and business mentor who chose to learn from the best to achieve the best. His mentoring system combines his professional training in “neurolinguistic programming”, hypnosis, and many more with his experience and skills as an entrepreneur, sales professional, and investor.

Marc Galal works to help people in German-speaking countries achieve their business dreams. To him, living free and being successful goes hand in hand: if you manage to break through your inner blockades and to let go of everything holding you back, you will naturally be at peace with yourself. And you will be able to tap into the resources you need to achieve extraordinary success.

In the beginning of his career as a coach, he has found great admiration for the famous speaker Tony Robbins and decided to got through the same training as his then-role model. He found his teacher in Richard Bandler, one of the co-creators of a technique called neuro-linguistic programming. This approach helped Galal develop his nls® strategy to help his clients. “The strategy that I’ve developed develops NLP further,” Galal says, “and tailors the NLP techniques for the use in sales. It’s about helping business people learn to listen to clients, treat them well, and giving them what they really want.” Galal was also greatly inspired by his role model Tony Robbins. He’s the author of books like Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within, and he bills himself as the nation’s top life and business strategist. “The first time I heard him speak, I was super inspired,” Galal says. “It made me want to become a business coach and help people in the same way that Tony was helping me.”

Until today, Galal has helped 2.1 million people achieve their business dreams in the past 21 years through his events, books, and seminars. He has been named Top Speaker, FOCUS Top Coach, and Trainer of the Year, and he’s consistently ranked among the top 100 trainers. He’s helped at least 20 people become millionaires, and his goal is to make 100 people millionaires using his methods during the next five years. “Helping people excel is something that I’m passionate about,” says Galal. “I want to see my clients succeed and get to the absolute top of their industries.”

Most people need to have a hero they look up to. In a few years, many aspiring business coaches will likely be looking up to Marc Galal in the same way he looks up to his idols.