Always striving for an excellent standard of living, Mourad Sebky is a serial entrepreneur based in Abu Dhabi. The hard work, sacrifice, and perseverance paid by Mourad is what has lead him to live his best life. The entrepreneur started working at a very early age to build valuable assets that he can enjoy in his later life. Mourad did finally achieve all he wanted and credits his success to disciplined work ethic and some smart investments made in the early years of his career.

At a very young age, Mourad sacrificed enjoying the good days of college to proceed and add value to his life, he invested his time learning online courses. Sebsky has always been influenced by the likes of Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs. He drew inspiration from the business giants Mourad understood each tycoon had a different approach toward work but their end goal was always the same.

Learning from the leading men in the market Mourad kickstarted his journey and built from scratch a career that once looked like a dream to him. Sebsky put in a lot of time and effort to learn to manage a business, taking risks, or knowing where to invest and now has brushed all the business skills and has become a high-end businessman.

After all his accomplishments, Mourad has made it a point to educate young business minds who are shaping their careers in different fields. His fan following has been growing all across social platforms and Mourad has been hailed for his good work justifying his popularity