High Blood Pressure is a common notion among adults who are beyond the age of 50. Many of them suffer from it unknowingly. One of the most common medicines in the world is the ones to keep the blood pressure under check which gives an indication of how many people all around the globe suffer from it.

One of the direct reasons for the increase in blood pressure is stress and anxiety that has become a part of our lives just like Whatsapp and Instagram.

High BP In Young Adults Lead To Dementia & Smaller Brain Size

But high blood pressure is not expected to be something that young adults suffer from and if they do, it’s either hereditary or due to exposure to high amounts of stress in their daily lives at a young age which is not good for their health.

The research was conducted to understand the effects of high blood pressure on people of different ages. The researchers found that the adults diagnosed with hypertension, aged between 35 to 44 had smaller brain sizes and were more likely to suffer from dementia some years later as compared to those with normal blood pressure.

High BP In Young Adults Lead To Dementia & Smaller Brain Size

Those suffering from hypertension under the age of 35 had drastic reductions in brain size compared to those who were not suffering from it. Smaller brains in younger individuals suffering from high blood pressure put them at a higher risk of suffering from dementia in the future.

The researchers used Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to conduct the research. They took scans of 11,399 people below the age of 55 years who suffered from hypertension and another set of 11,399 people who didn’t. The study authors then did follow-ups with participants over an average age of 11.9 years to see if they were actually diagnosed with dementia.

Hypertension is a common issue in people aged between 45 years to 64 years and is associated with brain health and dementia later. As per Dr. Mingguang, professor of ophthalmic epidemiology at the University of Melbourne, if the research results are right, then it can be important evidence to delay the onset of hypertension, thus proving beneficial to prevent dementia.

Large brain volumes are associated with better cognitive functions while low brain volume is associated with the development of dementia and the loss of neurons and their connection to each other in the brain.

The onset of hypertension at an earlier age is harmful to the brain as the brain has to face a higher amount of pressure via the blood flow than in the case of a normal person and that too for a longer duration thus increasing chances of damage in the long run.

Hypertension is something that should be prevented at all stages of life as it has severe effects on the brain and research shows that it is the root cause of dementia but our lifestyle today makes it difficult to tackle stress and anxiety thus maintaining normal blood pressure is not easy without medication.

Even though it is not easy, but it is possible to keep blood pressure under check through exercise, a healthy diet, and meditation. A healthy diet would include moderate consumption of alcohol, keeping blood sugar levels under check, and reducing salt intake.

Getting enough exercise in a day is as important as a healthy diet as it means that you are taking care of your body. Just sitting and working for hours can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle causing several problems other than hypertension.

Taking breaks while working, relaxing the mind, and doing meditation help a lot. Reducing the risk factors like obesity, high cholesterol, and quitting smoking all decrease the chances of developing dementia in the long run.