The booster shot has been seen as a game-changer for the USA in the upcoming days. Even many health experts have asked the Government to consider booster shots as fully vaccinated. 

With the reduced effectiveness of the two-dose vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna, there was a need for something solid to safeguard people’s lives in the United States.

The Boosters Must Be Taken By All The Citizens To Enhance The Immunity 

The Food and Drug Administration and The Centers for Disease and Prevention allowed the use of booster shots for all adults who are 18 years and above.

The booster shot is a perfect alternative to boost the immunity of people to fight delta variant virus in the near future. 

The Boosters Must Be Taken By All The Citizens To Enhance The Immunity 

Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Tuesday as per his analysis all the citizens who have received vaccines must get the booster shots as the effectiveness of the initial shots is questionable and with the winters around the corner, our main motive is to immunize as many people as we can. 

As per some reports, the Federal government might introduce the second dosage of the booster shots in the future if the situation demands. 

Dr. Walensky expressed his major concerns over the increasing rate of covid 19 infections amongst the unvaccinated. till last week the average number of cases was 93,000 up by almost 45 percent from the month of October. He also stated there will be a further rise in the number of cases as more and more people gather to celebrate thanksgiving and when the Christmas Holidays will start the surge can be unimaginable. 

Dr. Fauci has urged people to get vaccinated or receive their booster shots before traveling for the holidays. The new data from CDC represents that till Tuesday, 36.6 Million people have availed the benefits of booster shots. 

He also suggested that the severely hit Covid 19 countries like The United States, Brazil, India, United Kingdom, must focus on building the immunity of people with the passage of time as the questions are arising over the efficiency and effectiveness of the vaccines

As per the analysis from CDC and different health experts in the states, the Moderna vaccine is considered the most effective, with the risk of infection lowered from 89 percent to 58 percent. The effectiveness of the Pfizer injection dropped from 87 percent to 43 percent, while the J&J shot dropped from 83 percent to 13 percent.

But the demand to consider booster shots as fully vaccinated might be fulfilled next year according to the medical conditions as the data available is not sufficient enough to decide, said Dr. Fauci. 

The definition of fully vaccinated might change in the near future. Right now earlier this month The FDA has allowed vaccination drives for kids between 5-11 years old. Also, the third trial phase of the Pfizer vaccine for young children between 12-15 has been completed and soon the results will be shared with the federal medical Authorities for approval.