COVID-19 vaccines are still very successful in preventing life-threatening illnesses caused by the coronavirus. Furthermore, several studies have suggested that the level of protection provided by these immunizations may decline over time. 

Booster Shots Result In Stronger Immunity And Longer-Lasting Protection

Dr. Anthony Fauci, The Chief Medical Adviser also stated that the effectiveness of Pfizer and Moderna vaccination is reducing with the passage of time and this is the major reason why booster doses are now being suggested for those who were among the first to receive the vaccination.

Booster Shots Results Stronger Immunity And Protection

There was huge pressure on the Central Government regarding approval of booster shots for all the adults in the states. The FDA expanded the eligibility criteria for all citizens above 18 years and above. 

Earlier The White House only approved booster shots only for 65 years and above. Also, CDC while approving booster shots added a filter and stated that people above 50 years must be given preference for the booster shots. 

The data which has been currently presented by Health and Human Services has stated that the protection against the delta variant is decreasing. The shocking part is the diminishing rate which is more than 10 times. The HHS also stated that the immunity of people in the USA is less likely to fight the disease after nine months of the vaccination.

The section of people who have low immunity power surely needs a booster shot. The US FDA and CDC advocated booster shots to safeguard the lives of people. Till now more than 780,000 American citizens have lost their lives. 

As per research conducted by the CDC, the death cases in 2021 have surpassed the death rate from 2020. 

The Health and Human Services department also said that the immunity power of people has seen a surge of almost 25 times after availing the booster shots. The booster shots possess the power to keep people protected for a long time when compared to two initial doses of vaccines.

Many people are concerned whether the booster shots have side effects or not. Medical researches have shown that there are no side effects of availing a booster shot as it will increase the immunity power. On the other hand, it has been observed that there are no studies stating the safety offered by the Booster dose. But surely as per certain investigations booster shots are efficient and effective.

As per CDC, the data showed that the effectiveness of vaccination amongst health care and frontline workers is decreasing and it has become a threat to their lives as they are more prone and are in direct contact with the covid 19 patients.

The diminishing effectiveness is due to the severity of the delta variant and other reasons are also supporting the same. The clinical data represented to the federal medical agencies shows that the Pfizer and Moderna booster shots are much effective against covid 19 and it is suggested to take the booster shot as soon as someone becomes eligible for the same.