The pandemic and uncontrollable Covid 19 situation across the globe has affected ecology and mankind like never before. The unrest and panic situations were common phrases in the last two years. Many policies, rules, and norms were introduced across the United States to control the situation and normalize things. However, not many things worked as planned.

Even after the introduction Covid vaccine, the administration faced a lot of difficulties. There was resistance and strong opposition to the vaccine. It took some time for the Federal government and state authorities to build trust and convince US citizens to take their shot of vaccination. The administration left no stone unturned in explaining to the citizens why vaccination is important and how one can defeat the deadly virus.

Booster Shots Are Recommended By FDA And CDC

With the increase in vaccination promotion and awareness about the vaccines, more and more citizens came forward and took their shot of vaccination. The government institutions, corporates, and universities asked their employees, staff, and students to vaccinate themselves at the earliest and resume their schedules. 

Currently, around 85% of the US population is vaccinated at least with one dose. The growing vaccination rate is bringing in a great sigh of relief. It is manifesting affirmation that soon Covid19 will be eradicated and Americans will enjoy the triumph as a victory.

Adding to the modifications and latest introductions on Friday there was an authorization on booster shot announced. The federal officials decided to introduce booster vaccines for all adults. This decision was overwhelming and received great support from the masses. However, there were many questions and apprehensions about why this announcement was not made earlier. What was it that stopped the FDA from making a profound decision even when some states already passed the law and gained positive results from the same? 

Many experts even retaliated and condemned this move by saying that now it is too late to introduce a booster vaccine. With so much convincing and positive evidence, the state should have made this move earlier.  However, the officials still believe that though there was some evidence that was working in the favor of introducing the booster vaccine the administration wanted to be too sure about the same. 

Till now the administration has only authorized the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and Modern booster shots. The booster vaccine is approved for anyone above 18 years of age. Dr. Dorry Segev, a renowned professor at FDA clears the confusion by signing off on Covid boosters, but some experts say it’s ‘too late and said that ‘this is really upsetting that the citizens are not being exposed to the optimum protection from the pandemic and virus infection. The delay in the introduction of the booster vaccine is one of the major mistakes from FDA and CDC’. 

However, the FDA did not give any reactions to such comments and concerns at all. Moreover, the FDA stated that right from the beginning FDA is doing all possible things, taking all possible actions for the benefit of the country and its citizens. We are doing all possible introductions and authorizations to get the situation under control and protect US inhabitants.