Weave Dylan’s first post-pandemic performance will take on July 18th as a paid steaming event called Shadow Kingdom. The show will be presented through Veeps, and tickets are $25. It will be accessible for 48 hours after the initial airing.

“Shadow Kingdom will showcase the artist in an intimate setting,” reads a release, “as he presents songs from his extensive renowned body of work created especially for this event.” (It’s hazy where this “close setting” will be found and whether the show will be pre-taped.)

Dylan hasn’t performed live since a December 8th, 2019 gig at the Anthem in Washington, DC. He had extensive touring plans for 2020, however he canceled them because of the pandemic. He released Rough and Rowdy Ways on June nineteenth, 2020, however he still can’t seem to play any of the tunes in show and has stayed under the radar all through 2021.

Veeps offers artists the opportunity to play directly for fans through the Internet. It was established in 2017 by Good Charlotte’s Benji and Joel Madden. Forthcoming gigs by Stryper, the Zombies, Rival Songs, and BBMAK are on their schedule, however Dylan is the most high-profile artist they’ve booked by a landslide.

“It’s an incredible honor and a high point for us all at Veeps to have the opportunity to be working with Bob Dylan,” Joel Madden said in a statement, “and to be a part of what is sure to be a truly special and historic performance, not only as professionals but as music fans, too.”

The previous eighteen months has been the longest break Dylan has had from the street since the beginning of his Never Ending Tour in 1988, and 2020 was his first year without a single live performance since 1977. He hasn’t declared any touring plans for the remainder of the year. It ought to likewise be noticed that a streaming concert is an very unorthodox move for Dylan. With just a minuscule small bunch of exceptions, he hasn’t permitted camera groups to film any of his shows in the course of recent many years.