Jill Biden gave her baby grandson a big slap on the face as she cut a twig from the White House’s official Blue Room tree to begin the holiday season.

Just look at how beautiful it is. The 18 1/2-foot (5.6-meter) Fraser fir, delivered to her doorstep on Pennsylvania Avenue by two Clydesdale horses named Ben and Winston, elicited this response from First Lady Michelle Obama. It’s just breathtaking. On Monday, she gushed about how “absolutely great” everything was.

This year, the Bidens had a “Friendsgiving” to celebrate the start of the holiday season

Michelle Obama and Joe Biden traveled to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, to celebrate “Friendsgiving” with military men and their families. This year, the White House will be a lot more festive than usual because public health officials are advising individuals who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 to get together in person rather than telling them to stay at home as they have in the past.

This Year, The Bidens Celebrated The Holiday Season At A "Friendsgiving"

Peak Farms gave this year’s Christmas tree in Jefferson, North Carolina, a three-time National Christmas Tree Association award winner. The tree was brought by father-and-son team Rusty and Beau Estes from Jefferson, North Carolina.

The winning organization will have the honor of delivering the White House’s official Christmas tree. Hunter Biden and his wife Melissa and their baby boy Beau were joined by a large number the White House personnel, guests, and others for a brief ceremony celebrating the administration’s first Christmas in the White House.

To honor the legacy of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Blue Room will once again host a decorated Fraser fir. For safety reasons, a chandelier will be taken down and fastened to the ceiling. Dale Haney, who oversees the White House’s grounds, came to pick a Christmas tree in October. White House officials said Peak Farms previously donated the White House tree in 2008 and 2012. This year’s Christmas decorations at the White House will be presented the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Her office said that Jill Biden and the D.C. Army National Guard members were on hand to honor the National Guard’s involvement in responding to the COVID-19 outbreak. Joining Forces is an initiative she started and has been promoting with her new role to increase awareness and support for military families around the country.

Around 250 service members and their families dined in a large hangar adorned with pumpkin and pine cone centerpieces at Fort Bragg for the meal. It was the first time Jill Biden had spoken, stepping out from behind the table and going around the room to talk to families about their late son Beau who served in the Delaware National Guard, and how tough it was to be away from family around the holidays. Before presenting President Obama, she emphasized her gratitude for the soldiers and reaffirmed her words of admiration.

In praising your efforts, President Biden said, “You do so much.” As a member of your organization, he is extremely pleased to be a part of such a great force of men and women.

Before they could begin serving the troops, the Bidens had to put on gloves and aprons and say a short prayer from the chaplain’s office. Jill Biden scooped the stuffing as the president scooped the mashed potatoes. Food was provided for the troops, including chocolate chip cookies in the shape of the presidential seal, on an extensive buffet table.