The situation in the United States is as terrible as it has always been, with 1,500 people dying every day and an average of 150,000 new cases every day. With much more than 100,000 hospitalized Americans, the number of fatalities will very likely continue to climb beyond the current figure of 653,000, which is almost certainly an undercount. Aside from the Civil War, it seems certain to surpass the 1918 influenza pandemic death toll.

Biden’s Covid Proposal In Six Steps Is Now Outlined

President Joe Biden, in a speech on Thursday announcing a new Covid approach, voiced near-anger at those who had not been vaccinated. For dealing with the virus, Biden has devised a new six-pronged approach. If you’re anything like me, you’ve lost count of all of the many government initiatives and restarts. This is just the most recent example.

Biden's Covid Proposal In Six Steps Is Now Outlined

The following are some of the points in Biden’s plan:

vaccination of the unvaccinated via requirements for employees in the public and private sectors Employers with far more than 100 employees should be required to demand either the vaccination or frequent testing, according to Biden’s directive to the Labor Department. That is an attempt that will very certainly end up in federal court. The White House will also tighten vaccination standards for most government employees but will eliminate the option of frequent testing instead of immunization. He’ll sign an executive order requiring federal contractors to adhere to the same standards as the government. They believe that making this move, will inspire similar measures in the private sector. Last month, Vice President Joe Biden issued an order mandating nursing facilities that accept Medicare and Medicaid money to vaccinate their employees against influenza.

According to a Gallup poll conducted in August, 19 percent of US workers indicated their company would require them to get the Covid-19 vaccine before returning to work. This is a significant increase over the previous month’s figure of 9 percent. Another finding of the study is that an extra 55 percent of companies are now encouraging, rather than mandating, employees to be vaccinated. According to a survey, only a minority of workers remain unvaccinated even in locations where vaccination is not mandatory. This number is less than a third. However, the vast majority of those polled said that they would rather resign than be shot.

Booster injections provide additional protection for those who have already been vaccinated. As the nation gets closer to suggesting boosters for the most at-risk Americans, some misunderstanding about what this means has been some. Even though the FDA has not yet authorized the boosters, some beneficiaries of the Pfizer vaccination may be ready for them as early as September 20. A crucial advisory group will meet on September 17, and the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control would still have to establish criteria for who should be eligible to get vaccines. In accordance with the CDC website, individuals should wait at least eight months after receiving their second dosage before receiving a booster. Expect the focus to be on getting elderly Americans, and the first responders vaccinated as soon as possible.