10 Best Semiconductor Companies In India

A semiconductor can be well-defined as a substance with properties of the conductor and insulator. A semiconductor chip is an electric circuit with several components such as transistors and wiring formed on the semiconductor wafer. It is a physical substance designed to manage and control the flow of current in equipment and electronic devices. 

It either doesn’t enable a freely flowing electric current or prevents the current wholly. Semiconductor chips are the backbone of any device that is proficient in generating transmitting or exploiting electric power. 

Some substances like Germanium, Silicon, Carbon, etc. are neither good conductors such as copper nor insulators likewise glass. The resistivity of these materials deceits among conductors and insulators. Such substances are well-known as semiconductors. 

10 Best Semiconductor Companies In India

10 Best Semiconductor Companies In India

1. Bharath Electronics Limited

Established in 1954, Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) is a Navratna PSU under the Ministry of Defence, Government of India.

 It is one of the listed semiconductor manufacturing companies in India and produces the state-of-the-art electronic products and systems for the Army, Navy and the Air Force. 

It efficaciously fabricated germanium semiconductors during the year 1962. During the present era, it is the country’s premier semiconductor producer.

2. NXP Semiconductors

The Dutch Semiconductor producer, established in 2006, has offices in Noida, Pune and Bangalore.

 NXP Semiconductors assist in allowing secure connections for a smarter world and propose the connectivity solutions for embedded applications.

 NXP is one of the top Semiconductor companies India, specializes in domains such as IP, SoC and System Level Design, Validation, Fireware/software, and design enablement.

3. Applied Materials

They are leader in materials engineering solutions utilized to introduce virtually every new chip and advanced display around the world.

Being a reliable name in the semiconductor industry, Applied Materials have been a proficient force in the development of the semiconductor segment in India with the assistance of its Indian Subsidiary.

Their expertise in changing materials at atomic levels and on an industrial scale allows customers to transform possibilities into reality.

4. TSMC India

TSMC is formerly a Taiwan-based semiconductor but has ultimately begun its office in Bangalore, India. The company is scheduling to begin its manufacturing plant in India.

TSMC is one of the most renowned corporations for seamless silicon fabrication around the globe. It also delivers the semiconductor fabrication services to IT giants such as Apple.

Moreover, it also delivers all kinds of silicon fabrication technologies to a whole variety of clients.

5. Micron Technology

Micron Technology, established in 1978, has an office in Bangalore. It proposes high-performance memory and storage technologies likewise NOR, DRAM and NAND.

The business generates the memory chips utilizing the world’s most innovative DRAM procedure technology, which advances bit density, power and performance progressively.

6. Solex Energy Limited

Solex Energy Company is one of the best semiconductor manufacturing companies in India and functions in field of manufacturing solar panels, semiconductors and several other electronic components.

Established in 1998, Solex has completed numerous big projects quite successfully. Solex hugely credited for having the improved capability to produce solar cells in India.

7. Masamb Electronics

Masamb was established in 2007 and has its headquarter in Noida.  Masamb has veterans who have operated in the field of semiconductors, which is the reason why it brings out some of the finest solutions in the whole globe.

8. Semtronics Micro Systems

Semtronics Micro Systems is one of best semiconductor producing company that makes more than a few power electronic products. It produces products that are suitable for Indian customers.

Semtronics delivers the products and services in the battery management, sequencer, analog circuit, and switching regulators.

9. Samsung Semiconductors India

Samsung Semiconductor Inc is a California-based company semiconductor fabricating company that has its workplace in Bangalore.

It is a fabless semiconductor company in India delivering all forms of semiconductor services in this country. It makes IC designs by ASIC, foundry and COT engagement.

10. Broadcom

Broadcom Corporation is fabless semiconductor manufacturing company in India established in the US back during 1991, which mainly manufactures products for the broadband and telecommunication industry.

The company was attained by Avago Technologies in 2016 and is presently operating as a subsidiary of Broadcom Inc. Broadcom has its Indian workplace in Bangalore.

It delivers all kinds of semiconductor services comprising the design, development, and fabrication of semiconductors. It also has a broad range of products in the semiconductor segment.

What Are Semiconductor Chips Used For

Semiconductor Uses

Semiconductors are utilized in several electrical circuits because it can control the flow of electrons in this material, for example, with a controlling current. Semiconductors are also utilized for other special features.

In fact, a solar cell is made of semiconductors which are subtle to light energy. The amount of light energy that hits the semiconductors will determine the volume of electrical current created by those semiconductors that make up solar cells. 

In addition to consumer electronics, semiconductors play a fundamental role in the function of bank ATMs, trains, the internet, communications and several other parts of social infrastructure, such as the medical network utilized for the care of elderly, amongst the other things.

Why Are Semiconductor Chips Short In Supply

Due to COVID-19 the industry of semiconductor chips has its ups and downs, the severity of the shortage has not been taken lightly by the industry players and governments across the globe.

In the beginning, the shortage was moderately owing to the robust requirement for more improved chips from the customer electronics and computer industry through COVID-19. 

Also, the manufacturing cannot be augmented on the short notice. As a Bloomberg report points out, making chips is a complex procedure that take months.

Manufacturing a chip typically takes more than 3 months and comprises giant factories, dust-free rooms, molten tin and lasers and multi-million-dollar machines.

How To Select The Best Semiconductor Company In India

Indian semiconductor industry is augmenting at its pace as it is a second largest electronics market around the globe. 

Most of the semiconductor companies have begun producing in India to take profit of India Govt’s make in India initiative.

There are more than 100 national and international core semiconductor manufacturing companies in India having their research and development and manufacturing plant in India. 

To know about best semiconductor companies in India you can prefer this content also as above we mentioned top semiconductor company in India.

Above-cited companies have gained years of experience and are well-trusted in the semiconductor industry.

 Besides, all of them have also been putting their individual scenarios and that several years of research and development for the development of semiconductor technology, thereby pioneering abilities to produce the finest semiconductors. 

What Are The Factors To Consider When Selecting Best Semiconductor Company In India

What Are The Factors To Consider When Selecting Best Semiconductor Company In India

1. Performance

In the semiconductor industry, there are several companies with different services and operations. You should consider best semiconductor manufacturing company which has substantial growth and progressive performance in market during the recent past years and higher chip demand from the automobile and electronics industry.

2. Revenue Forecasts

During COVID-19 most semiconductor manufacturing companies in India suffers a lot. In the recent past years, the shortage of this have been bothering the country as well as the world. Above-cited companies are continuously establishing the research and development programs for developing the revenue and implementing the policies of enlargement such as partnership, new product development and many more for enhancing the amount of revenue and increasing the value of market share.

3. Semiconductor Value Chain

Different companies adopt different value chain and every value chain require different amount of expenditure. Longer the chain, higher the price will be. Although, many companies may face challenges obtaining the raw material for production. Above-cited companies having a cost-efficient value chain and face very less challenges in obtaining the raw material. This will also be desirous of your demands associate with sourcing limitation, agreement requirements and many others

4. Industry Experience

Your startup or running business requirements to know the elaborated history and experience of that semiconductor manufacturing company to manage an efficient business relationship. Above-cited full-fledged businesses can re reliant upon to deliver the top-quality work.

Final Verdict On Best Semiconductor Companies In India

These are some of the best 10 semiconductor manufacturer brands in India. All above-cited companies have obtained years of experience and are well-trusted in the semiconductor industry.

Besides, all of them have also been putting their individual understandings and that several years of R&D for the development of the semiconductor technology, thereby pioneering competences to manufacture the superlative semiconductors.

India is still increasing its semiconductor manufacturing competences now and the new initiative from the Indian government towards the manufacturing of these products is a rehabilitated impetus.

Besides, more and more startups and companies are also entering the cited field to assist the country steer past the shortage of semiconductors if not solve the entire crisis concerning the semiconductors.

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