10 Best IOS App Development Companies in India

For developing an iOS app for a  business, everyone will prefer the best companies that can provide them with high-quality and innovative iOS apps. In India, there are numerous mobile app development companies available but all of them are not the best. However, it is a tough job to know which one is the best and the most suitable one for your requirements from this wide availability. To make your job easier, this article will walk you through the 10 best iOS App development companies in India.


10 Best IOS App Development Companies in India

1. Lilac Infotec

Lilac Infotec was established in the year 2018 and in a little time, the company has delivered over 120 projects for clients across the globe. The company has 75+ happy clients who have given a 5-star rating for the company. Lilac Infotec has its head branch in India and the company is also available in Canada, UAE, and Germany. 

The company offers overseas iOS app development services for various market requirements and provides the clients with the best mobile app policy and high-quality design at an affordable cost. Apart from iOS app development, the company offers other services which include android app development, web development, web design, digital marketing, graphic design, 2-D & 3-D animation, and much more.

2.IPIX Technologies

IPIX Technologies has 12 plus years of experience in the technologies field and has delivered over 3000 successful projects to their clients. Since its establishment in 2007, the company has provided high-quality technology solutions to customers all around the world. The company is the  IT branch firm of Kreston Menon. The company has two of its branches in India, located in Kerala and Banglore, and has the other two branches in UAE, located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Other services that are offered by IPIX Technologies are web development, web app development, e-commerce development, WordPress development, and software development.


3.M2H Infotech LLP

M2H Infotec 11p was founded in the year 2005 and the company has 11-50 passionate innovative employees who are working to provide the clients the best IT solutions and consultations possible.  The main products that are developed by M2H Infotec  11p are Cloud-Based HR software solutions, school management mobile app, Wages protection system, and Fund transfer system.

The company has delivered numerous projects to customers from diverse entities successfully. Other than iOS app development, the company also offers web solutions, business solutions, data warehousing and bi, and software development services.

4.eSearch Logix LLC

eSeach Logix LLC is an ISO certified IT solutions company that has ten years of experience in the sector. The company has 800 clients across the globe and has delivered 1,000 high-quality projects successfully. The company was featured in many prominent magazines including The Hindustan Times and American Daily Post.  eSearch Logix LLC has its presence in USA and India. 

The company has developed iOS apps for various organizations that range from game app to health care apps. eSearch Logix LLC is an official partner of both Google and AWS and is also a Shopify expert. The company also provides other IT solutions to their customers such as website development, SEO, artificial intelligence, UI&UX design, blockchain, etc.



Techahead is an IT solutions company that has its presence in New Delhi, India, and Los Angeles, USA. The company has 12 years of relevant experience and has about 200 passionate employees working under the company and has provided their services to 600 clients from all around the world. The company has received about 60 prestigious awards and was listed in Clutch 2021 Top Mobile App Company. Techahead was featured on Yahoo!, CBS, abs, and many other prominent media.

Some of the major clients of Techahead are Audi, Disney, ESPN F1, and ICC. Aside from iOS app development, Techahead is also an expert in web app development, UX/UI design, Cloud consulting, App store optimization, etc.


6.Net Solutions

Net Solutions was founded in the year 2000 with only 20 developers and now has 275 employees. Net Solutions has 6 branches situated in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, London, Chandigarh, and Pune. The company has partnerships and alliances with esteemed organizations like Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Kentico Bronzer Partner, etc.

Net Solutions offers numerous services to clients such as UX design, Digital commerce, Product design and development, Data analytics, Digital Transformation,  IoT development, Chatbot development, and many more.


7.Cognitive Clouds

Cognitive Clouds was established in the year 2012 and have offices in San Francisco, Singapore, and Bangalore. The company has provided its services to various well-established organizations and companies like Walmart, UBS, Yatra, Mahindra Rise, Amplify, Volkswagen, etc. 

Cognitive Clouds was ranked in Clutch Top iPhone App Developers 2019, which proves that the company is one of the best iOS developers in India. The company uses native code for the development of the iOS app and develops an app that is user-centric at an inexpensive price.

Besides iOS app development, the company also offers web app development, eCommerce development, backend app development, smart tv development, UI/UX design, and IoT development.



Techugo is one of the best app development companies in India that was founded in the year 2015. The company has its presence in 5 countries, India, Canada, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the USA, and the UAE. The company was started only with 3 employees but Techugo has more than 157 designers, developers, and testers. 

Techugo was recognized as Good Firms Top 10 developers in India& USA by Global Ranking Platform. The company was also titled Appfutura’s Top mobile app development company and was also listed in Clutch Top Development Company in UAE and India. Techugo offers various services to clients all over the world including Android app development, Ionic development, Blockchain development, Testing and Quality Assurance, etc.


9.Emizen Tech

Emizen Tech is an IT Solutions company with 8 plus years of industry experience and has over 200 team members working to serve the clients with advanced IT Solutions. The company has served about 450 clients from various organizations with various solutions.

 Emizen Tech is an ISO-certified company that has partnerships with Amazon Web Service and Microsoft and the company is also a NASSCOM member. Emizen Tech has a total of 4 offices residing in the USA, India, UK, and Singapore. 

The various services offered by Emizen Tech are web design, web development, e-commerce development, Magneto web development, Shopify store development service, and much more.



Trigma is a prestigious software development company in India that was established in the year 2008 and now has 200 team members and 12 years of experience in the industry. The company is located in 3 countries globally, India, Canada, and the USA. 

Trigma has a record of 175 satisfied customers who have given a 5-star review to the company. Some of the prominent organizations that worked with Trigma are Disney, Samsung, Suzuki, Walmart, the Government of India, Whirlpool, and the British Council. 

The company was listed in Clutch Top Software Developers, Top Web Developers, Top Artificial Intelligence Companies, and Top Mobile App Developers in the year 2021. Trigma offers a wide range of services to clients across the globe and the services include web development, customer software services, content management system, quality assurance, digital advertising, social media marketing, SEO services, IoT, brand design services, and many more.


Prime Benefits of Preferring IOS App Development companies

One of the prime benefits of preferring iOS development companies is that the company uses cutting-edge technologies to provide clients with the best product possible. 

In an iOS development company, there will be a team of qualified and experienced developers working together to create your app with full dedication and focus, so you can trust the company with your project. 

The team that is involved in developing your app includes developers and creators who have relevant qualification in the discipline and has years of experience in developing an iOS app. By preferring an iOS development company for your app, you will be able to get a support team who is available any time to provide you with any services to any of your concerns.


Benefits of Having a Mobile App For Your Business

In this competitive world of e-commerce, having your own mobile app is one of the best strategies that you can use to secure a front position in the race. Developing a mobile for your business can contribute numerous benefits to your business. One of the main advantages is that communication with the customer and can provide added value to customers. 

An app of your own will also increase brand awareness and increase the brand’s reachability. Having a mobile app can also assist in connecting with your customer quicker and easier. Having an app is a useful marketing channel as it allows notifications and information to be sent to customers regarding your brands, new launches, discounts, offers, etc.


The IOS Mobile App development process

1.Idea and discussion

This is the initial stage of the mobile app development process in which the clients walk in with their idea of the app and discuss it with the company. The company will understand the idea of the client and make it a fully-fledged project.

2. Strategizing

Once the project discussion is over, there will be cost estimation. This means the company will estimate the cost of developing the client’s app and other expenses.​

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3. Choosing Platform

.Once the app is ready to be developed, the next step is to choose the platform. In this, the client will decide on which platform (iOS, Android, Cross-platform) they want the app to be developed.

4. UI/UX Design

In this process, the developers will start working on creating an excellent user experience in the app. In this stage, the developer will talk with the clients about their preference of color, fonts, etc. Based on this preference, the developer creates a sample model of your app which contains the app icon, the layout of the app, etc.

5.App development

In this process, the real development of the app starts. After combining everything they have discussed and researched, the developer will start working step by step on creating the app.

6.Testing and QA

After developing the app, the next process is testing and quality assurance. This process is done in order to find if there are any bugs in the app that needed to be fixed and also runs various tests on the app to determine the functioning of the app.


When you are app is all ready, the next step is to launch it. The company will assist you in uploading it to Android or iOS or both stores. The deployment of your app into the app stores involves preparing your app’s title, launch icon, keywords, description, etc.


Once the app is launched, it is important to maintain the app for improved performance. The maintenance process involves fixing any bugs of the app, following the app’s statistics, and updating your app to adapt to changes in the market and preferences of the users, etc.

Main Technologies Used in the IOS App Development Process

React native

React Native is a Javascript framework for writing native-style applications for both Android and iOS. One of the main features of React Native is that code written in this framework can be used everywhere. Other features of React Native are the use of Javascript, the React Native community, and using React Native always lessens the development time of an app.


Swift is a powerful programming language that is used in iOS app development. Compared to Objective-C, Swift is 2 times faster which helps you in reducing app development time. One of the main features of Swift is that its safety. The programming language was created to be type-safe and memory-safe language, which means preventing any type errors, and memory safe means that the language is protected from various bugs. A major benefit of using Swift is that it requires less time to install and also requires less device memory.


Sketch is a vector-based app from Mac that can be used for User Interface, web, and mobile app designs. A vector-based app means that every design that you have created can be resized without losing its sharpness. Sketch can help developers to design icons, customize the font and typography of these designs, and can use various shortcuts to improve the design. Some of the major features of Sketch are pixel perfection, ease to pick any color, ease to export, and when exporting you change your design into either double size or half size, artboard presets, and offers many shortcuts.



Firebase is a Backend-as-a-Service platform that gives developers access to a variety of tools and services to aid in the development of high-quality apps. Firebase has several features which make it stand out from other platforms and some of the main features are google analytics, Firebase real-time database, Cloud messaging, remote configuration, Audience segmentation, etc. Firebases support NoSQL and use Firestore in which all the data is stored. There are 3 plans of Firebase available, in which you can choose the affordable one. So this makes Firebase cost-effective too. 

Final Verdict On Selecting The Best IOS App Development Company In India
Final Verdict On Selecting The Best IOS App Development Company In India

Developing an iOS mobile app necessitates the assistance of an IT Solutions business that will offer you the greatest iOS app possible, that takes care of all of the necessary features to make it a success in the App Store. The companies mentioned in this article are the 10 best iOS app development companies in India who have relevant years of experience in iOS app development and have delivered multiple iOS app projects successfully. 

If you want to know more about the company and get their consultation, you can visit their official website.


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