10 Best HTML5 Development Companies In India

During the recent past years, the HTML 5 is the most prominent used language for developing dynamic websites or web applications. In comes with several new features that have opened the fresh choices of the HTML 5 developer community.

 Additionally, the foremost advantages of HTML 5 development are increasing each day which delivers the functionalities on par with other prevalent technologies. In fact, several web developers are switching to utilizing the HTML 5 development services during their forthcoming future. 

With the effective growth in requirement for HTML 5 businesses, business owners look to hire a dedicated HTML 5 developer for generating or developing their business web portal. 

This article will list out the 10 best HTML5 development companies in India, advantages of HTML5 development and much more.

10 Best HTML5 Development Companies In India

10 Best HTML5 Development Companies In India

1. Hidden Brains

Hidden Brains is an award-winning Web & Mobile App Development Company with decades of experience in steering customers through digital transformation.

Hidden Brains is the top HTML5 Development Company in India. They propose the deep industry expertise and follow a cooperative approach to convey high-performance technology solutions.

They drive continuous advancements for clients through knowledge transfer from our modernize ecosystem. They have a technically robust web application development team that has efficaciously conveyed 4000+ custom web development projects varying from web-based apps, e-commerce portals, CMS, B2B & B2C applications, Intranet and Extranet Portals, and more.

They are the veterans of all new technologies and deliver the finest web application development services.Hidden Brains is the finest web application development company in India, delivering the cutting-edge technological solutions for next-generation web applications.

Their extensive experience in web application development services comprises the tools and techniques listed below and other more.

2.IROID Technologies

iROID Technologies builds a great digital solution comprising e-carts & marketplaces, auctions & reverse auctions and many others, the e-commerce websites they develop covers every most advanced demand to deliver the users and their clients.

They make it convenient for their clients to do business with the feature-rich e-commerce websites we improve for them. iROID technologies is well known for obtaining and competently deploying some of the most revolutionary and multifaceted projects through several project acquisition channels.

If you have a personalise HTML website requirement or a revolutionary idea that you demand to actualize, contact us and we will get back to you with a practicable solution. 

iROID Technologies is a responsive HTML5 development services provider team Company of competent HTML5 development company India who excel in proposing the user-friendly and best-personalized HTML development services for the clients around the globe. 

3.Mind Inventory

The top-notch and outstanding Web and Mobile App Development Company of India with its worldwide presence in USA, MindInventory is first-rate choice of the clients around the globe.

With sheer customer satisfaction in mind, they are profoundly dedicated to developing greatly intriguing apps that severely meet the business requirements and catering a broad spectrum of projects.

With so many manners to build mobile apps, they have expertise in selecting what the finest solution is for your mobile app development strategy, whether it’s in Flutter, HTML5, React Native, or native iOS and Android.

4.Coding Brains

Coding brains is a company that delivers value to clients by amalgamating the experience with commitment to convey quality service to customers.

Their strength is directly consequent by extremely skilled and experienced professionals. Since 2012, Coding Brains has been a company whose sole aim is to deliver value to the clients with the accurate mix of expertise and commitment to introduce the quality solutions.

The finest thing that generates a difference among the rivals is our strength, and our strength lies in the hands of our extremely skilled and experienced professionals. Understanding the present market trends, they are well aware of how to personalize a product that assists a client to meet his business expectations in a time-bound way. 

Coding Brains proposes a team of professionals to design intelligent virtual agents and assistants with the assistance of Bots Framework. They use the natural language processing to analyze context and utilize the newest trends such as Mongo DB, HTML5, Luis, Node Js to allowing chatbots to deliver a better user experience. 

5.Analytics Fox

As a renowned and well-established HTML5 App Development Company, Analytics Fox having intensive specialization in HTML5 Web Development and HTML5 App Development Services, they take benefit of a well-defined, time-bound Agile-powered development process that assist them deliver you every project always before or on time.

Before they begin any project, they devote adequate time to observe what the client actually requires and accordingly, they formulate and convey them the best-in-class HTML5 solutions.

Analytics Fox self-invented development methodology amalgamated with well-organized Project Management Process is what makes them the most sought-after HTML5 Web Development Company around India. Since their inception, they have been serving clients from a broad range of segment with our high-quality HTML5 Development Services.

6.Ipix Technologies

As one of the HTML4 development companies, IPIX Technologies alone can make or break an app. Their developer can concentrate on the desired end state that adds the prodigious worth.

They convey full admittance to backend services while confirming authentication, hosting, storage and database. IPIX Technologies being a HTML5 company, also proposes a free assessment and comprehensive assistance from experts should you demand consultation on your intense idea for the HTML5 app development.

7.Lilac Infotec

Lilac Infotec, one of the top HTML5 development services, is virtuous technology partner with a prodigious team which assist you in completing the accurate growth curve by utilizing the primary technology.

They have the contribution and expertise to hoist and appropriate organizations with their interesting computing technology. Additionally, they focused on conveying the best app development services and technology-driven business solutions.

Lilac has partnered with important technology providers in unrelated field and leverages our customer’s domain expertise to advance and strengthen their contributions. Their HTML5 developer team contemplates ahead of the curve of edging the future-forward mobile experiences.

8.M2H Infotec

M2H Infotec LLP, one of the top HTML5 development services, is an unsurpassed software sourcing company that has now stepped into the world of HTML5 development with skilled individuals to form new forms of growth and innovations.

M2H Infotech assure finest customization that fulfils the idea of clients. M2H has the core team who are proficient in the new technologies up to date. M2H convey the finest solutions for your business.

To add value for their clients by predicting and recognising their necessities and delivering cost-efficient solutions through excellent and talented services. They recommend the flutter app development services that suit your budget, without bargaining on the dominance of the products. 

9.Technaureus Info Solutions

Technaureus Info Solutions Pvt, Ltd., the strategic IT associate devotee in augmentation which emulates in authorizing organization to broaden the business performance.

They have expert HTML5 development team. Technaureus Info Solutions Pvt, Ltd., is among the finest HTML5 development companies that construct the presonalize software for individuals to do things in a dissimilar way.

Their services suite improvement in the application of the modern technology intelligence, and science which can advance and the human condition in the world market.

They distribute a broad variety of services suits to entitle organizations to advance and broaden the business performance regardless of its size at all the levels.

Their prodigious adoration for technology made them be an outstanding software developer with the exact innovations for all business solutions.


Webandcrafts is a well-known HTML5 development company that focusses in graphic designing, web designing, web application, mobile app development and many others.

Their HTML5 developers team is knowledgeable and ground-breaking and dispense you with an app that is reliable, immediate and stretchy UI.

They stand in close association with their clients till they have a product that beats the precise in industry. Their extreme knowledge in countless industries and renowned presence around the world permit them to understand their clients and to form an enduring partnership.

Why Choose HTML5 Development

HTML5 Development
  • Offline Browsing

    Applications can be utilized offline, without the requirement of an internet connection. Likewise, the HTML5 assists local storage of web application code and content via offline application cache. It is one of the great benefits to businesses likewise publishers, who can propose an offline web experience for their probable readers. An offline cache also produces the excellent performance improvisation.

  • Extremely Utilized For Mobile Apps And Games

    The adaptableness of HTML5 in mobile applications and game development augments as HTML5 web application tools deliver more flexibility to the web developer in all the cases, comprising user interface (UI), utilizing scripts, development and several others. HTML5 is also proficient of controlling multimedia content without the requirement to install plugins and we can conveniently improve the interactive games with this technology.

  • Intersting Connectivity

    HTML5 has the competence of speeding up and booming the real time chats and games. It also functions in the delivery of advanced communication. Connection and video conferencing controls are carried out in the browser directly, and this does not demand exterior applications or plug-ins.

  • Seo Ready

    If the structure of a site is not semantically accurate, then the page will not obtain a good rank in the search engine results. If your web page is not well-designed, then there is no usage of content marketing. The design of a site should be conveniently readable by the search engine, in a logical documented structured, in order to obtain a good ranking. While, the HTML5’s new components can be reliant on when websites are being re-indexed on the search engines, as specific markup benefits of HTML5 are of worth SERPs are being determined.

  • Advancement In User Experience And Usability

    Usability and user experience connect with how well a website or app is structured. We all want improved dynamic websites and prodigious looking apps that interrelate with the user and enables the user to appreciate the functionality, content, etc., instead of just looking at it. HTML5 has countless technical enhancements and advanced features for the web developers. And with HTML5 code, the web developer can effortlessly design better applications and dynamic websites which result in an improved user experience.

  • 3D Graphics And Special Effects

    During the recent past years, developers had to utilize the JavaScript or Flash/CSS in the fabrication of animation for website visual effects. HTML5 comes with fresh tags such as canvas that deliver the developers the capability to deliver the great visual effects which are similar to those introduced by Flash. This explains why several experts feel it might be the accurate time to say goodbye to Flash. HTML5 also delivers other amazing features such as WebGL and 2D Canvas, geared towards web graphics. This just delivers the HTML5 augmented the authority in this sphere.

Advanatages Of HTML5 Development

HTML5 was efficiently designed keeping in mind the cross-platform mobile application development. Besides, fresh syntactic features in HTML5, such as video, audio and canvas tags, were precisely introduced to assist the multimedia on mobile devices. Offline storage is also one of the qualities of HTML5. 

A noteworthy number of game developers have already moved from Flash to HTML5, simply because game development in HTML5 offers several advantages. These include


Integration and Performance

HTML5 confirms that all your apps are fast and robust. This delivers you the capability to handle several threading in the browser directly. It comprises a JavaScript web worker running in the background, and does not demand support from any other scripts. Most prominently, it does not affect the performance of pages in any manner. While the web worker is busy running in the background, other operations such as choosing and clicking become much quicker.

Auto Updates

HTML5 game development makes manner for automatic updates. This takes away the requires to carry out frequent and characteristically cumbersome manual apprises. In addition, each game player gets to play the most updated version.


As websites will assume the new HTML5 elements we will see more reliability in terms of HTML utilized to code a web page on one site associated to another. This will make it much calmer for designers and developers to closely understand how a web page is generated.

Easy Maintainance

  • When utilizing the HTML5 for game development, ongoing maintenance becomes convenient owing to a single code base. The configuration of new updates takes place robotically. Resubmitting the game to dissimilar app stores is not demanded, as users don’t store the HTML5 games on their devices. 

HTML5 Development Process

1. Data Collection

The experts collect every specific detail of your company, completed works, the work progress, and several more such comprehensive details to develop the most finest website for your brand.

2. Project Preliminaries

On the background of your project demand, developers will escort you with the finest engagement model and price for project requirements.

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3. Project Emphasis

On the background of your project demand, developer will escort you with the finest engagement model and price of project demands. Reliant on the engagement model you have selected, your projected is allocated to the skilful team. Later a quality analysis is functioned and project manager of respective company then present the project as per the timeline.

Final Verdict On Best HTML5 Development Companies In India

HTML5, with its so several astounding benefits as cited above, has transmuted the whole website development procedure. HTML5 has obtained a lot of popularity since its introduction and has become the selection of several prominent organizations for their websites.

Without much ado, it is favourable to move to HTML5 and forget about the challenges linked with your website such as browser compatibility, multifaceted codes and several others. You can hire any above cited HTML5 developer to assist you in this transformation and advance an ideal website. 

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