Unfortunately, Benfica’s Primeira Liga match against rival Belenenses was postponed despite the dramatic events of Saturday. Their Covid-19-afflicted opponents were obliged to deploy a nine-man squad with just one set of goalkeepers.

Benfica & Covid Were Both Down To 6 Men When The Match Was Called

With seven men on the field in the second half, Belenenses came back and won the game despite Benfica’s numerical dominance in the first half.

It was two minutes after the halftime break when the referee decided to end the game since there weren’t at least seven players left on the field when goalie Joao Monteiro fell to the ground and couldn’t get up.

Benfica & Covid Were Both Down To 6 Men When The Match Was Called

Covid-19 has been found in 17 Belenenses players and personnel following the team’s Covid-19 positive test earlier this week, according to the president of the club, Rui Pedro Soares, who spoke at a press conference on Saturday prior to the game against Cruzeiro.

Belenenses players expressed their conviction that football only has a heart if it is played with a spirit of competition, which they shared on social media prior to the game. If football is played in a sporting manner, like soccer, it has heart.

Football, if used as a model for public health programs, must have a lot of heart. A heart attack struck today’s football game. However, Soares admitted to the media that he had tried to have the game postponed but that he was dissatisfied.

After speaking with the Liga at lunchtime, he informed them that they would not participate in the competition. Players who did not show up for the game would be counted as unjustifiable absences and might lose their place in the team. He thought it was a disgrace that they were all performing simultaneously and placed on the same day.

According to Soares during a press briefing on Saturday, CafuPhete tested positive for Covid after returning to Portugal from South Africa on Thursday. As soon as the new Omicron type was revealed, he stated his fear that it may have been related to the instances in the squad.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recognized it as a variety of concerns on Friday, meaning that it may spread more swiftly than previous strains of the virus. In South Africa, it was detected for the first time. A game on Saturday is the only option available, according to Benfica president Rui Costa.

He claims they were apprehensive about entering the field in such circumstances. Benfica did as the Belenenses did after being obliged to do so. He calls today’s events “terrible news” for Portugal, calling them “a painful chapter in the history of Portuguese football” and “the history of the nation.”

A statement from Sporting Lisbon, who are now third in the standings, has also been issued by the club. According to the research, people who defend sports integrity and government officials at all levels should reflect on the circumstances that led to this predicament. A new low point in the history of Portuguese football has already drawn the attention of the worldwide media.