The E-commerce industry has developed quite well in the last decade and so has the competition as well among the businesses. 

Important Facts To Know Before Starting An E-Commerce Site

While creating an e-commerce site a person must make note of these 15 features: –

E-Commerce Site
  • Keep it simple – The site design should be simple and easy to follow. Most of the people who use e-commerce won’t be tech savy and hence everything should be easy to find. Many a times the owners in order to create an interactive site, makes it so complex that a regular user needs to click 3 to 5 times to get to an option.
  • Provide Support – Regular customer support needs to be provided in an e-commerce site. Since e-commerce deals with money people needs to speak to someone and would be having many queries related to the payment and transaction as well.
  • Multi Landing Page – This is one of the merging feature with e-commerce sites. Rather than providing just one product on a page the site should show multiple products and then the user would have better options to choose from.
  • Multiple Payment options – The e-commerce site should accept all kinds of payments and should not be restricted to just debit and credit cards. Cash on Delivery will be preferred by first time users so as to gain confidence on the website.
  • Cross Platform Oriented – The e-commerce site should be supported in all devices ranging from laptop to mobile phones. Many of the people now use mobile phones for their shopping as this is much faster and efficient. If the layout is different in laptop and mobile this would confuse the users, hence they should be same on all platforms.
  • Ability to handle traffic – The website should not crash if there is huge amount of incoming traffic. The website should be made in a such a way that it can be scalable as needed. Many of the businesses use cloud for this as they go with pay per use policy.
  • Good speed – The loading time of the website should not be more than 5 seconds on laptop and no more than 3 seconds on the mobile devices.
  • Take reviews – There should be a review section on the website. This will help the people to know about certain products and will also be helpful in gaining trust from customers.
  • Promotions – The website should offer various promotions for their product sales. Many of the sites also provide a referral bonus or some discount every time someone brings in a new user. 
  • Simple Name – Choosing the domain name of the site should be the first thing that the company do. The domain name should be simple and easy to follow and so should be the site address.
  • Easy navigation – People should be able to easily navigate from one page to another. One of the important thing to add is a home button on every page so that people can get back there directly.
  • Logo – The logo for the e-commerce site should be simple yet catchy at the same time.
  • Social Media – The e-commerce site should have their own social media handles as this will help to get more user as well as create confidence in them. 
  • Tag Line – The vision and mission of the company should be visible in the tag line and should appeal to the customers directly. 
  • FAQs – There should be an FAQ section which can shows the basic questions and helps the customer.


The above points will help a business grow and attract more customers. The main objective is to create a site that is trustworthy and simple.