On Monday, when the Nobel Peace Prize and Science Prize recipients started collecting their trophies, the ceremonies were abbreviated to accommodate the pandemic situation.

Because Of Flu Pandemic In US, The Nobel Prizes Have Been Postponed

Nobel Prize winners in chemistry, physics, medicine, literature, and economics, who were announced in October, had their ceremonial banquet in Stockholm disrupted by the coronavirus, which was spreading across the city.

Because Of Flu Pandemic In US, The Nobel Prizes Have Been Postponed

Since the outbreak last year, the coronavirus has been a big cause of concern for a large number of individuals. The Nobel Peace Prize is presented in Oslo, Norway, in a separate ceremony from the other awards.

First, to receive his Nobel Prize for Literature, Abdulrazak Gurnah accepted his award in a luncheon event held at the elegant Georgian mansion of the Swedish embassy in central London. Gurnah was the first person to accept his award.

As one example, Ambassador Mikaela Kumlin Granit stated that the Tanzanian author, who lives in the United Kingdom, had been awarded the Nobel Prize in literature for his honest and empathetic exploration of colonialism’s legacies and the fate of refugees in the chasm that separates different cultural and geographical regions.

A ceremony attended by friends, family, and colleagues informed Gurnah that he would typically receive the award from the hands of King Carl XVI Gustaf. The latter was in attendance at the occasion. Unfortunately, we will not be able to thank you for this year because of the epidemic personally.

A Zanzibari refugee in the 1960s, Gurnah relied on his own life experiences to produce the ten pieces that comprise his body of work, which include “Pilgrims Way,” “Memory of Departure,” “Afterlives,” and “Paradise,” among others. Immigration, he claims, is not simply an individual’s personal story but also a contemporary phenomenon.

Italian physicist Giorgio Parisi will receive the Nobel Prize in Physics at a ceremony to be held later today in the Italian capital. A ceremony in Washington, DC, on December 8 will give prizes and diplomas to Syukuro Manabe, physics laureate of the United States, David W.C. MacMillan, chemistry laureate of the United Kingdom, and Joshua D. Angrist, economic sciences laureate of the United States.

A number of other ceremonies will be placed in Germany and the United States throughout the week. Stockholm City Hall will host a ceremony on Friday to mark Albert Nobel’s 100th birthday in front of a local audience, including Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustav and other high-ranking members of the Nobel family.

Those who win the Nobel Prize get an honorary diploma, a gold medal, and a monetary prize of $1.15 million if there are several winners. The Nobel Peace Prize is presented in Oslo, Norway since Nobel desired it to be presented there for reasons he kept to himself.

Maria Ressa, a Filipino journalist, and Dmitry Muratov, a Russian journalist, are among the award recipients. The award ceremony is scheduled to take place on Friday in Moscow.

According to the Norwegian news agency NTB, there will be fewer visitors, and participants will be required to wear face masks as part of the conditions for the peace award ceremonies.

Recent weeks have seen an increase in the prevalence of the novel omicron version of the virus in Norway. According to the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NTB), the Nobel Committee has been in frequent communication with local health authorities.