Summer is one of the most enjoyable times of the year with visits to the beach, hosting a backyard BBQ party, swimming in pools, or just enjoying a few cones of ice-cream. But one thing that does make summers uncomfortable is the heat, especially indoors when it can suddenly feel hot and stuffy. Cold winters can be made better by lighting a fire in the hall or wrapping oneself in blankets and coats, but the perils of summer are harder to ward off. Commercial portable air conditioner hires or buys are the ways to turn residences, facilities and closed office areas into comfortable places during the hot season.

Benefits of Having a Portable Air Conditioner

The portable air conditioner is a small mobile AC unit that helps dehumidify and cool a room that requires no permanent installation. It has an easy installation process and provides instant cooling to a specific area in the room, hence helping to condition the home or office space’s temperature based on the individual requirements. As compared to a central air conditioning unit, a portable air conditioner uses a lesser amount of energy and is cost-efficient, as it does not have to cool the entire home or office. While the hot weather can be uncomfortable and unpleasant for some, it can pose a health risk for many others, especially the elderly, the young, and people with preexisting health conditions, resulting in heatstroke and dehydration. A portable air conditioner helps everyone relax and also makes the space healthy and secure.

Factors to Consider Before Owning a Portable Air Conditioner

While buying a portable air conditioner, one must ensure it meets factors such as size, room space, energy use, ventilation, noise, and cost. While these units are portable, it does not always mean that they can be easily carried around and shifted from room to room and most portable air conditioners do not cool an entire house or office. Therefore, based on the needs of its portability, and coverage area for cooling, the portable air conditioner has to be bought with size specifications and necessary BTU.

Getting an AC unit with suitable energy use certifications, programmable thermostat, and good maintenance can ensure its minimal energy usage. 

Portable air conditioners vent hot air as it cools the air indoors. Therefore, it is important to either keep it closer to the window or buy one with a long enough window extension kit that allows for better flexibility. 

Noise is also an essential factor to consider while using a portable AC unit, especially if it is an office area or an elderly care centre that requires minimal disturbance.

Finally, the cost of the mobile AC unit has to be considered as it depends on the power, extended features, brand, energy consumption, and maintenance like cleaning and replacements.

Portable Air Conditioners: Hire vs Buy

Owning a portable air conditioner may seem like an extravagance to some due to its investment and maintenance cost considering all the factors listed above. If the air conditioners’ use is temporary, based on the season, weather, or the need of an individual, it makes more sense to hire them. Commercial portable air conditioner hire is a good option as it does not involve repairing costs or upfront payments. One can also try it out to see if it fits the requirement. Buying portable air conditioners would be a beneficial asset in the long-term. But for temporary needs, hiring is the way to go.